53 Sexy and Hot Jade Tailor Pictures

Jade Tailor may not be the most famous actress in the world, but you know that she has the potential upon looking at her sexy photos. If you are an avid fan of The Magicians, you know that Jade is an actress and a part of the main casts. As you browse through her Sexy and Hot Jade Tailor Pictures, you will be in awe with her beauty!

Jade Tailor was from Los Angeles, California, and born on August 12, 1985, a Leo. She is the daughter of Sally Pansing, also an actress who became famous in the 1970s. However, nobody knows who her father is. The only information that people know about him is that he is a businessman who was from Israel. 

Tailor is an active social media user. She has an account on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, with a massive amount of followers. Currently, she is hot in the public’s eye, because Tailor has more than 19,000 Twitter followers and more than 92,000 Instagram followers. 

Tailor started her career in the performing industry when she debuted in The Getaway series at the age of 22. Because of this series, Tailor caught the attention of various directors and cast her on different films. When she was 23, she became one of the casts of A Perfect Day, playing the character of Angel. 

Looking at her bikini photos, you know that Tailor has the potential to play a prominent role.

Tailor rose to prominence when she played the character of Kady in the series The Magicians, which is an inspiration of a trilogy book written by Lev Grossman. She has been a part of the main casts of the series, starting its second season. 

Aside from The Magicians, Tailor busted her ass to appear on the other TV series. 

In 2010, she became a part of the True Blood casts when she played the character of Anne once. In 2015, Tailor played the role of Rachel in the Aquarius TV series and appeared in two episodes. 

Apart from the TV series, she also acquired some movie roles. In 2018, she played the character of Heather Steadman in Higher Power, which was a sci-fi thriller, in which the story revolved around the person who acquired demigod powers. 

Tailor also became prominent for playing the role of Ivy in the movie 48 hours to Live, which garnered her several fans. 

She also appeared in the films Altered Perception and Cam2Cam.

Although Tailor rarely becomes a part of the main cast, she has had a lot of projects, which earned her a handsome income. As of 2019, her estimated net worth was around 300,000 dollars. 

Tailor has never shared anything about her personal life, even the status of her affairs and relationship. For this reason, people can speculate that she is currently single and focusing on her career more than her love life.

Tailor is a gorgeous woman with brown hair and blue eyes. You do not have to see her boobs to know how beautiful she is. 

Sexy and Hot Jade Tailor Pictures

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