55 Sexy and Hot Jade Chynoweth Pictures

You may have thought people misspelled her last name, but this sexy dancer is in no way related to Broadway superstar Kristin Chenoweth. What these two people share is their remarkable talent. In Jade Chynoweth’s case, her gift is on the dance floor and behind a camera! We are happy to share with you a compilation of Sexy and Hot Jade Chynoweth Pictures.

This young star started dancing at two years old. Later on, she took professional lessons at Dance Tech Studios. One of her mentors is Gev Manoukian, and she worked with industry leaders such as Dave Scott, Brian Friedman, and Yanis Marshall.

Aside from dancing, she first appeared on the big screen with the epic fantasy war movie, 300: Rise of an Empire. Though it was a minor role, her exposure led to more acting gigs.

The young artist then showed up on the superhero blockbuster, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It is quite impressive how Jade Chynoweth lands roles in box-office films when she is not even an actress by trade.

On television, Jade Chynoweth had a recurring role in the action-drama, The Last Ship. She then became part of the main cast of the web drama, Step Up: High Water. The story revolves around several students and teachers of a competitive performing arts school.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, the hot power couple who starred in the original Step Up film, served as executive producers. Though the series received favorable critics, its network canceled the show after two seasons.

Like a true Gen Z, Jade Chynoweth is a social media queen with thousands of followers on her Twitter account and nearly three million ones on her Instagram. Aside from the many bikini photos, this freckled beauty posts gorgeous selfies and numerous dance videos. Her body moves like it has a life on its own, and every step seems effortless.

This beautiful dancer also serves as an inspiration to younger females with her thick and curvy body. Whatever she is wearing, fans are sure to notice that her perky boobs and ass are always on fire. She has an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars.

Jade Chynoweth has come up with a lifestyle program to help her fans get healthy. Her content includes exclusive workout videos, dance routines, and even a customized meal plan. She also shares tips and tricks to manage weight for an improved existence.

This American celebrity has a lot in store for her future, and we are excited to see her upcoming projects. Whether Jade Chynoweth decides to star in another film or keep on dancing, her thirsty fans will support her all the way. Browse through our collection of photos of this stunning brunette, so you will not miss out on anything about her booming career.

Sexy and Hot Jade Chynoweth Pictures