48 Sexy and Hot Jackie Сruz Pictures

Looking at the pictures of Jackie Cruz, you cannot deny that she is as sexy as hell. Jackie Cruz is a singer, actress, and former model. She is famous for her role Marisol “Flaca” Gonzales, for the Orange Is the New Black series. 

Jacqueline Chavez was born on the 8th of August 1986 in Queens, New York. Her mom raised her alone. Cruz speaks fluent Spanish and English.

Cruz’s dream of becoming a hot performer started when she watched the movie The Bodyguard by Whitney Houston. 

When Cruz was 16 years old, she ran away from her mom’s house and became homeless. At 17, Cruz got into a car accident that caused her to suffer severe lung injury and coma. Cruz had to undergo surgery and training to be able to speak and walk for months to recover. 

Those unfortunate incidents became her inspiration for the song Sweet Sixteen. 

Cruz is open about her bisexuality and does not want people to label her. Cruz said that she liked women in the past, although she is in love with a man. 

As for her education, Cruz went to Alexander Hamilton High School and became a musical member. She even became a member of the Krush Velvet, but it never signed to any labels. 

Cruz rose to prominence because of the leaked video between her and Kourtney Kardashian. She and Kourtney met at an art class. The video set was in a bar when it caught them kissing each other in one episode of the Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.

Kourtney felt embarrassed about the video. According to Cruz, they stayed friends after the incident, but Kourtney said she could not talk to Cruz because of it. 

Cruz’s musical career started in the Krush Velvet, where William James Adam (will.i.am) was also a member. 

Even though Cruz can flaunt her body in a bikini, her acting skills paved the way for an opportunity when her breakthrough came in. Cruz appeared in the 2013 Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black, landing the role of Flaca. Before her big break, Cruz was working as a waitress and a model in New York. 

Although Cruz looks like a kind of chic that can kick an ass, this girl already received nominations for Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance. She also won the same award thrice. 

Cruz is new in the performing industry, but it seems like she has a promising career. Cruz has projects set for her to become a part of the films such as Lansky and  A Nice Girl Like You, which will premiere in the future.

At present, Cruz is in a relationship with Fernando Garcia. She often posts their pictures together on Instagram.

Although Cruz seems to be a kick-ass woman who does not give a damn, the actress provides a perfect example of strength. Cruz experienced tons of challenges in her life, including accidents, scandals, and homelessness, but she conquered them all. It only proves that Cruz is not only a girl with a charming face and big boobs but a woman of strength and talent.

Sexy and Hot Jackie Сruz Pictures

Sexy and Hot Jackie Сruz Pictures
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