40 Sexy and Hot Io Shirai Pictures

Io Shirai is a WWE wrestler native to Japan. Born on May 8, 1990, Io Shirai grew up in Kamakura as Masami Odate with her sister Mio. Mio is also a former wrestler and now works a wrestling referee. Shirao keeps a tight lid on her personal life. We don’t know much about her family and her life before becoming a famous professional wrestler.

Shirai is slim and short but sexy and hot. She even did some daring pics with Playboy in 2017. Shirai is renowned for her agility and “flying” abilities in wrestling, thanks to her doll-like body build. Although Shirai was a wrestler for more than a decade, she maintained her slim and fit body. Shirai still weighs at 54kg since the professional wrestler entered wrestling.

Shirai debuted in wrestling in 2007 when she was 16 years old. She was working part-time at the same time studying high school. After high school, Shirai, with her older sister, concentrated in wrestling. At first, the two worked as freelancers for three years. In 2010, Io and Mio teamed up with Kana, another freelancer, and formed the Triple Trails.

Later, Shirai went to Mexico to train and decided to pursue a single career. In 2011, she signed up with World Wonder Ring Stardom while still making some battles as freelancers sporadically. Her wrestling career in the World Wonder Ring Stardom lasted until 2018. It consisted of several wins and losses.

In 2017, Shirai got an offer from WWE. She told Stardom about her decision to accept the contract. While still appearing in some battles in Ring Stardom, Shirai began her WWE. She finally bid Ring Stardom goodbye at the end of 2018.

Shirai made her debut in a WWE event in November 2018. She teamed up with Dakota Kai. Her TV debut was in December 2018, where Shirai and Dakota won the match.

Her win led to a fatal–four-way game. The winner in this match will compete in NXT Women’s Championship. However, Shirai lost the battle to Bianca Belair. Shirai participated in another fatal -four-way game in 2019 but lost. Shirai got her playable character in WWE 2K20, a video developed by the company.

Throughout her more than a decade of wrestling, Shirai’s estimated net worth ranges from $1M to $5M. She mostly got her earnings from wrestling. Since her retirement isn’t retiring soon, Shirai will still make a lot of fortune.

Shirai had one controversy linked to her. It happened in 2012 while she was in a relationship with Nosawa. The police arrested Shirai (with then-boyfriend Nosawa) in suspicion of carrying 75-gram marijuana upon arrival in Narita, Chiba, Japan.

The police found the marijuana pack hidden in the painting of the couple. Shirai denied the charges and that the art was a gift from fans. The police release Shirai from detention due to a lack of probable evidence. Later on, the police found out that Shirai and Nosawa was a victim of grudge. 

Now, let’s have a look at Shirai’s sexiest photos, displaying her beach bikini body with ass and boobs toned perfectly.

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