52 Sexy and Hot Ijustine Pictures

iJustine is undeniably sexy in all those pictures. If you do not know her, iJustine is a famous Internet personality with millions of followers on all her social media accounts. As you look at her pictures, learn more about her. 

Justine Ezarik (iJustine) was born on the 20th of March 1984 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is one of the three daughters of Steve and Michelle. Her father is a coal miner, and her mother is a teacher. Her two younger siblings are Jenna and Breanne. 

iJustine went to Bentworth High School for her secondary education and was an honor student like her sisters. The Internet personality finished her high school in 2002 and earned her a scholarship from the International Association of Administrative Professionals. 

iJustine went to Pittsburgh Technical Institute in college and graduated in 2004. She worked as a graphic designer and video editor. Afterward, iJustine turned into an entrepreneur. 

In 2006, she launched her YouTube channel iJustine that became hot in the public’s eye. Her fans pushed her to create the new channel, Other Justice, in 2009. Her vlogs and personal life are the main content of the Other Justice channel. 

In 2011, she created the iJustineGaming channel. Her video gaming is the main highlight of it. iJustine posts games on Minecraft, Call of Duty, and the like. 

Seeing iJustine in a bikini, she has the body and beauty of an actress. It is no doubt that she will get her hands into acting too. 

Aside from being a famous Internet personality, iJustine ventured into acting. She appeared in one episode of the Law & Order Special Victims Unit, where she played the role of A.J. Dunne. Her other TV appearances are Criminal Minds, The Vampire Diaries, Chopped, among several others. 

iJustine also appeared in films. Her debut was The House That Drips Blood on Alex in 2010, where her character was Melissa. iJustine also appeared in Lazer Team, The Wedding Ringer, and Sharknado: The 4th Awakens. 

Because iJustine busted her ass, creating various content on her different channels, she won the Webby Awards on Web Personality in 2011. In 2015, she bagged the Streamy Awards for Best Lifestyle Series. 

iJustine is probably earning 10,000 dollars for every 100,000 views. Her estimated net worth must be around 2 million dollars. 

iJustine is one of the most renowned social media influencers because of her massive amount of followers. On Facebook, 1.1 million people are following her, 1.5 million on Instagram, 1.79 million on Twitter, and 5.8 million on YouTube. 

iJustine ventured into writing too. She released her book, I Justine,  in 2015.

iJustine had been in a relationship with Brian Pokorny and Austin Fishner-Wolfson. Now, iJustine is single. 

Even without seeing her boobs, you cannot deny that iJustine is an achiever with versatile skills.

Sexy and Hot Ijustine Pictures

Sexy and Hot Ijustine Pictures
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