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From a college golfer to a broadcasting journalist, Holly Sonders has become one of the most famous TV personalities in broadcasting today. You’ll often see her pretty face and sexy body on television, especially on the FOX channel. In this post we are spoiling you with a great set of Sexy and Hot Holly Sonders Pictures. Don’t miss them!

Born in Marysville, Ohio, in 1987, Holly Sonders grew up to be an active and enthusiastic little girl. She loved sports at a young age, and her interest was mainly on playing golf. From her early years to when she turned high school, the journalist continually played and competed in the sport.

During her high school years, she had a promising golfing career, having earned the all-district and all-league honors for four straight years. At one point, Holly Sonders even received the district and league MVP. 

However, the young athlete isn’t only successful in golf. She played different sports throughout her life as well, including basketball and baseball, when she was in high school. 

During college, where she enrolled at Michigan State University to start her career path in journalism, Holly Sonders continued her flourishing golfing career. Throughout her university years, the TV personality received multiple honors and titles.

Around her senior year, Holly Sonders already amazed a career stroke average of 78.47. She had 77 total collegiate rounds joined and named the most experienced golfer at the university.

The athlete’s birth name is Holly Niederkohr. However, she changed it to Holly Sonders as she chased a professional career. From a pro golfer during college to becoming a hot TV news presenter wasn’t easy for Holly Sonders. However, she didn’t have much of a choice after she got injured during college.

Although she was still an impressive golfer after surgery, she wasn’t as good as she was before. Fortunately, her degree in journalism opened another promising industry for Holly Sonders.

Initially, she wanted to become a broadcaster at the Golf Channel but needs more experience on TV before getting the job. So, Holly Sanders first started as a news presenter at the Little Rock for a year, then, in 2011, successfully landed the broadcasting job at the Golf Channel.

There, Holly Sonders rapidly became one of the most successful and famous TV news presenters. She worked in several shows, such as Morning Drive, Playing Lessons with the Pros, and School of Golf.

In 2013, Golf Digest, an online portal, praised her impressive success in the field, going on to feature her in their cover.

In 2015, Holly Sonders left her promising career at the Golf Channel. Her next work was with Fox, and just in time to allow her to cover the US Open that year. The following year, she was also the studio host for Fox Sports during that year’s US Open.

Aside from her work on Fox, Holly Sonders also make regular appearances in various programs. She worked as a host in Undisputed and The Herd.

Throughout her impressive career on TV, Holly Sonders also got linked to a couple of controversies. One of those was the rumor that she underwent surgery for her shapely boobs. Whether that is true or not, the TV personality does have an ample ass and breast, which is evident from some of her gorgeous bikini photos.

Sexy and Hot Holly Sonders Pictures

Sexy and Hot Holly Sonders Pictures
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