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Born on October 17, 1981, Holly Rene Holm grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her father was a preacher in the Church of Christ, and her mother was a massage therapist. Holm earned the nickname The Preacher’s Daughter because of her father’s profession. Below, we have a complete bio as well as a curation of the best Sexy and Hot Holly Holm Pictures ever published. Don’t miss them!

The sexy MMA star is a multi-talented person who can play soccer, participate in gymnastics, diving, and swimming. Holm took Aerobics classes at the age of sixteen. These classes were the start of her journey in MMA. Her instructor noticed her potential.

She graduated from Manzano High School in 2000. Holm went to the University of New Mexico and studied for a year. Instead of finishing her current degree, she pursued an MMA career. Her first victory happened in 2001. Holm won the welterweight division (kickboxing) of the International Rules Adult Women.

Holm also debuted in boxing in 2002. At a later date, she debuted in kickboxing. In her boxing stint, Holm had a record of 33 wins, three draws, and two losses. She won in World Welterweight Titles and WBF Female Welterweight Division. Holm became the world champion in three classes in 18 times. 

After Holm’s success in boxing, she joined Mixed Martial Arts in 2011. Her first fight was with Anne Sophie Mathis but lost. A year after, Holm and Mathis had a rematch. This time, Holm won and announced as the new champion 

In 2013, Holm joined the Legacy Championship 21. She fought Allana Jones and won the fight. Later, Holm faced Angela Hayes and Nikki Knudsen. She defeated the two. After her win with the two, Holm fought Juliana Werner and won the fight despite a left arm injury in the first round.

In 2014, Holm joined UFC. Her first match was with Raquel Pennington. However, due to an injury, Holly Holm needed to back out. Then, she battled against Ronda Rousey in 2015. Holm won the match and got the Bantamweight Title. However, she lost the title to Miesha Tate in 2016.

Holm had a fighting match with Germaine de Randamie for the Featherweight Division Women’s Championship in 2017. She lost and appealed to the New York State Athletic Commission for the review of the decision. Later, the commission denied the appeal. According to the commission, there was no violation of any rule. 

Aside from her success in the ring, Holm landed a leading role in Fight Valley. The film is an action genre released in 2016. Rob Hawk directed the film and cast Amanda Serrano, Cris Cyborg, Susie Celek, and Miesha Tate. The film got mixed reviews of positive and negative.

As of this writing, Holly Holm married Jeff Kirkpatrick in 2012. Holm is a devoted Christian. Often, colleagues and friends see her carrying the Holy Bible anywhere.

So, after a brief preview of Holm’s life, let’s see some photos of the talented MMA star. Enjoy these hot photos in her sexiest outfit, flaunting some perfect ass and boobs.

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