45 Sexy and Hot Holland Roden Pictures in her Bikini

Holland Roden is famous for her role in the MTV teen series, Teen Wolf. But what Roden is more famous for is her sexy long red hair, which is natural by the way. The actress shows off her natural red hair in many of her movies and TV appearances, making her look hot.

Whenever she poses in a bikini for photoshoots, her long red hair was always the stunner, along with her sexy bikini body. Check out our photo compilation of Holland Roden to see her beautiful red hair.

Born in Texas, Holland Roden’s parents welcomed Holland Marie Roden on October 7, 1986. Before Holland became an actress, she spent her college years at UCLA studying molecular biology and women’s studies. Right after her three years in pre-medical education, Holland started to do small roles for short films.

In 2004, Holland appeared in the short film, Consideration, where she played the character of Angela and in the short film, Back at the Ranch, as Dawn Leatherwood. After her brief film opportunity in 2004, it took two years for Holland to land into another acting opportunity.

Then, she got a cast for an episode in CSI in 2007, as Kira Dellinger. The following year, Holland appeared in three more TV series, playing guest roles. She appeared in the canceled TV series, 12 Miles of Bad Road, Lost, and Cold Case.

Holland then turned to movies when she got a cast for the character, Sky, in the direct-to-DVD film, Bring It On: Fight to the Finish in 2009. In the same year, she got to guest star in the TV series, Weeds, for one episode. She also had a guest role on the comedy TV series, Community. 

Roden’s guest roles continued until 2011 when she appeared in Criminal Minds, The Event, and Memphis Beat. Her breakthrough TV role was when she starred in the MTV teen series, Teen Wolf. Roden portrayed the character, Lydia Martin and appeared in more than 100 episodes of the series. 

The supernatural teen drama premiered in June 2011 with a total of six seasons until its final episode in September 2017.

Roden’s character, Lydia Martin, is Allison’s close friend and is also a popular girl at their high school. Although she did not reveal her boobs or ass, Roden still looked hot while portraying her role.

After the success of Teen Wolf, Holland continued to guest star in other TV series like Grey’s Anatomy, Lore, and even MacGyver. While doing guest roles, she also had small appearances in short films like Morning Love and Fluffy. Her latest star role is in Escape Room 2, which will premiere in 2021.

When Roden was in Brazil in 2019, she got detained by the airport police because she allegedly had an invalid Brazilian passport. She got denied to enter the country for more than six hours and got treated aggressively by the police, according to her Instagram posts.

Sexy and Hot Holland Roden Pictures

Sexy and Hot Holland Roden Pictures
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