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Hannah Witton is an author, presenter, and British YouTuber. Witton produces YouTube videos and information material, often focused on intimacy, romantic and sexual wellbeing, topics of emancipation and prosperity, literacy, and traveling. Witton’s first novel, Doing It, focusing on sexual relationships, came out on April 6, 2017.

Raised in Manchester, the hot social media star started attending Birmingham University during which she studied History for a diploma, and was particularly keen on sexual historiography. Witton ‘s History of sexual activity documentary was a finalist in The Guardian’s 2013 Very Short Film Competition held at the University of Oxford.

While Hannah is of Jewish ancestry, she characterizes herself as an orthodox Jew and an agnostic. Together with her relatives, she preserves the Jewish community and its practices as she says it is a significant part of people ‘s lives.  However, Hannah Witton had not attended nor received a Jewish education. Witton started producing YouTube videos under the guise of Hannah Girasol on April 17, 2011. 

Hannah  Witton was labeled one of eight Girls’ Champions as a portion of the 100 Women initiative by the BBC Network in November of 2016. It was an act of appreciation for her videos that end up helping with the sexual wellbeing and interactions among young females.

Witton’s debut novel, entitled Doing It! had also been released in 2017 and published through the company Wren and Rook Imprint. The book deals with topics on sexual relationships, which include the experiences of the beautiful Youtuber’s own and those of her buddies. It soared to be the number 1 top seller by Amazon in the section of Social Issues. Hannah Witton has a weekly podcast called The Hannah Witton Show on online streaming station Fubar Radio and introduced The Internet Takeover portion of the popular radio station BBC Radio 1.

She takes great pride in herself on being a happy thinker. However, her operation hit her self-esteem, having to get her abdominal bag, and she still requires additional self-assurance from her boyfriend now and then. Witton has then proceeded to include much more help and guidance for disabled individuals since her procedure, as well as how they should approach intercourse. She includes recommendations from personal observation, such as where to buy lingerie wraps with storage to accommodate a colostomy bag inside since they can be distracting when having sex, including using highly customized crotchless panties that allow an individual to tuck it safely.

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Sexy and Hot Hannah Witton Pictures

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