43 Sexy and Hot Hailey Baldwin Pictures in her Bikini

Hot fashion model and TV personality Hailey Baldwin is a walking swimsuit fashion event whenever she is on the beach. Much attention has been given to Hailey’s body recently since her husband, singer Justin Bieber, has been candidly commenting a lot about her boobs online.

News spreads when people find her on the beach. Fans flock to see her sexy ass frolicking by the shore. Even without Justin by her side, Hailey draws a crowd anywhere she sports a bikini. Here are a few seaside locations where the sand was lucky enough to have been walked about by this queen.

1) Hawaii – Hailey was seen on a beach photoshoot with a friend, Pro-Surfer Kelia Moniz. The two long time friends modeled for the collection they designed together for the fashion brand ROXY. Hawaii is well known for its beaches and surfing spots. 

2) Miami Beach – Hailey was again spotted doing a swimwear shoot, but this time her stay was both business and pleasure since Justin was also seen nearby with their pet dog, Oscar. Miami Beach is a great place to go star hunting since it’s a favorite spot for celebrities.

3) The Hamptons – The Bieber couple vacationed in this New York summer place. Several celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Hailey’s uncle, Alec Baldwin, are known to own houses there. This popular destination for the wealthy has an air of exclusivity, making it a comfortable place for other famous people like Mr. and Mrs. Bieber to hang out.  

4) The Bahamas – This seems to be a favorite spot of the celebrity couple since they continuously return to vacation here. The Bahamas is known for its year-long tropical weather, calm, clear waters and white powdery sand.

5) Laguna Beach – Yet another favorite haunt of the Bieber couple. This small California coastal town is a known haven for artists, which may explain why Hailey and Justin like it here.

6) Brazil – Hailey’s mom, Kennya Deodato, is Brazilian. Hailey learned to speak the native language, Portuguese. Anywhere in this country would be home to her. Copacabana beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world, known for its colorful and vibrant atmosphere.

Whether for work or holiday, with or without Justin, the beach becomes a circus when Hailey appears. She’s probably been to a lot more of these shores around the world.

Still, wherever she finds herself, it won’t difficult for the rest of the world to know that she’s there since fans and paparazzi would be ready to take pictures of her in her latest bikini and post them on social media outside of the those she takes and posts herself.

Sexy and Hot Hailey Baldwin Pictures