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Gemma Whelan is a 39-year-old British actress born in West Yorkshire, Yorkshire, on the 23rd of April 1981. Not much has been found about the hot lady’s early life because she often keeps quiet about her personal life. Whelan was awarded the 2010 Funny Women Variety Award for “Stand-up Comedy” as a TV personality. She frequently conducts stand-up as the character, Chastity Butterworth, and in 2014 she broadcasted a debut chat show called The Chastity Butterworth Show for BBC Radio 4.

Whelan has portrayed supporting roles on camera in many movies and television shows, including in the 2010 movies The Wolfman and the Jack Black film, Gulliver’s Travel.  She has played a significant part in comedy productions such as Uncle, Upstart Crow, and The Agency. 

She is most known for her portrayal as Yara Grejoy in the HBO international hit TV series, Game of Thrones. Yara is the only daughter to come from the House of Grejoy and Harlaw. Yara grew up in the areas at Pyke. She had been the third child of Alannys and Balon after their two sons. She is an elder sister to Theon. Eight years well before the game began, her father stood in opposition to the Iron Throne in the form of rebellion and was annihilated in a brutal battle. 

As well as being a comedian and actor, Gemma is also a great dancer that specializes in the genres of jazz and tap dance. She is part of a London-based dance company called “The Beaux Belles.”  The lovely triple threat is also skilled in theater productions and has a singing voice ranging as a mezzo-soprano. 

The Game of Thrones star is bilingual; she is a native English speaker and is fluent in conversational Spanish.  She currently resides in London, England. Whelan has appeared in a total of 12 stage productions, 25 TV shows, and six films.

Having starred in an action-packed television series like Game of Thrones, you would have expected Gemma Whelan to be skilled in sports; however, Gemma often jokes about her lack of skill in athletics. She often says that she wouldn’t be caught dead in a bikini or joining the US open any time soon.

The sexy comic has won an award within the category of  Best Variety given by the Funny Women Awards.

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Gemma Whelan is the perfect mix of funny, talented, and beautiful; there is no reason to doubt as to why the gorgeous performer rose to fame.

Sexy and Hot Gemma Whelan Pictures

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