47 Sexy and Hot Gamora Pictures

The sexy Marvel fictional character, Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan, is a famous creation of Jim Starlin. She debuted in 1975 in the 180th issue of Stranger Tales. Below is our story on this character and the most Sexy and Hot Gamora Pictures.

Gamora is a Zen-Whoberis, and after Badoon raided their planet, she was the only one left of their kind. She got found by the powerful wandering entity, Thanos, and decided to adopt her.

Thanos’ real intention for taking Gamora on his side is to train her to become an assassin, to kill the Magus. Thanos also promised Gamora that when she grew up, she will get revenge. And although Thanos uses Gamora as a weapon, he still showed kindness and compassion towards her.

The hot Zen-Whoberis dedicated herself to training different types of martial arts to achieve perfection in terms of hand to hand combat. But a tragedy soon came when she was in her teenage years. After being left alone in Tartoonla #7 after having a misunderstanding with Thanos, Gamora faced several enemies and was later defeated.

Thanos found her unconscious and decided to track down everyone involved in her demise and to kill them all. She would then be enhanced to perfect health while adding more to her skills and vitality.

In her original timeline, Gamora’s race got murdered by the Universal Church of Truth, and when she reached her peak, she carried out different missions that involved killing members of the church.

She would later have her full revenge by killing every one of the Universal Church of Truth. Shortly, she was acquainted with Adam Warlock, which will eventually become Magus in the future

Gamora failed to carry out her assassination plans for Adam Warlock, but instead was re-assigned to protect him by Thanos. But after some time, Gamora grew suspicious of what her step-father’s true intentions were, which leads to a fight with the character Drax the Destroyer.

Magus, Adam Warlock’s future version, was then extinguished, yet Gamora finally got a revelation about her step-father’s true identity and intentions. Together with the Avengers, Captain Mar-Vell, Pip, and Drax, they carried out a plan to stop the vile endeavors of Thanos.

After failing to stop him, Gamora told Adam Warlock about the possible things Thanos wants to accomplish. Warlock then fused the souls of Pip and Gamora into the soul gem. After he dies, he would be in the soul world, inside the soul gem, together with other entities and his friends.

Gamora also appeared in many more forms of media, including in the big screens on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy film series, as well as on some Avengers installments.

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Sexy and Hot Gamora Pictures