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Dutch hot actress Famke Beumer Janssen is best known for her portrayal of Jean Grey, aka Phoenix in the X-Men film series starting in the early 2000s. Janssen is also a United Nations Goodwill ambassador and a film director. In this post we will go over her life and career and greet you with our collection of Sexy and Hot Famke Janssen Pictures.

Janssen spent most of her early life in Amstelveen, where the Dutch actress grew up with her two sisters. She enrolled in the University of Amsterdam to take a degree in economics but later left the school to transfer to Columbia University. Here, Janssen pursued a degree in creative writing and literature, which she finished in 1992.

Her career started way back in 1984 when Janssen landed a contract with Elite Model Management. After her signing, Janssen appeared in various brands and TV commercials that highlighted her sexy personality and appealing looks.

The Dutch actress stopped modeling in the year of 1990 and shifted towards acting. In 1992, Janssen appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s one episode as Kamala. She debuted in the film the same year alongside Jeff Goldblum in the project Father & Sons.

In 1995, Janssen appeared in GoldenEye as Xenia Onatopp. Shortly, she made an appearance in Lord of Illusions, too.

Onwards to 2000, Janssen successfully auditioned for supporting roles, notably in the films City of Industry, Celebrity, The Gingerbread Man, The Faculty, Rounders, and House on Haunted Hill.

Janssen would land her most iconic character in her career in 2000 when she joins the cast of the first X-Men film in the franchise as Jean Grey. The Dutch actress would later come back to star in two more installments, X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand.

Janssen reprised her role briefly in the standalone Wolverine film that premiered in 2013. The next year, she had an appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past as a cameo of her past role.

In 2002, Janssen was supposed to star as Serleena in the second installment of the Men in Black franchise. But due to the death of a relative, she abandoned her post and let another actress take her part.

In 2011, the Dutch actress tried out what she learned in her studies and made her debut as a director in Bringing Up Bobby. The next year, Janssen returned in Taken 2 as well as 2014’s Taken 3 to play her original role of Lenore Mills in the franchise’s first installment.

She continued appearing in films, and her recent projects include Primal, The Poison Rose, and 2020’s The Postcard Killings, where she played as Valerie Kanon.

The Dutch actress is also one of the casts of a film titled Endless that is still on its post-production.

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Sexy and Hot Famke Janssen Pictures

Sexy and Hot Famke Janssen Pictures
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