48 Sexy and Hot Evan Rachel Wood Pictures

If you are having a bad day, looking at the sexy pictures of Evan Rachel Wood is enough to put back the smile on your face. Evan Rachel Wood is a talented actress, musician, author, and model. As you look at her Sexy and Hot Evan Rachel Wood Pictures,you will appreciate her beauty!

Evan Rachel Wood was from Raleigh, North Carolina, and born on the 7th of September 1987. She is the daughter of Ira David Wood III and Sara Lynn Moore. 

Her father is a Christian and a locally famous actor and director of the Theatre in the Park company. Her mom is an actress, acting coach, and a Judaism convert.

Evan has three brothers, Ira David IV, Dana, and Thomas. Aden is her sister. Her brother Ira David IV is also an actor. 

In 1996, her parents divorced, and she had to move with her mother to California.

As for Evan’s education, she went to Cary Elementary, which is a public school. After that, Evan started homeschooling and received her secondary education diploma at 15.  

Because her family has been in the performing industry, it is no surprise that Evan would grow up to become a hot actress. She started performing on the stage when she was just a few months old for the production of A Christmas Carol. 

She began acting on TV in the 1990s when she appeared on many television series, which include Once and Again and American Gothic.

Evan does not have to wear a bikini all the time to win several awards.

Because of her appearance on various movies and TV shows, Evan received several recognitions, which include Young Artist Awards and more. 

Evan has been in several relationships. 

She used to date the actor Jamie Bell. The couple met at the Sundance Film Festival. However, they went on their separate ways. 

In 2007, she formed a relationship with Marilyn Manson and became an inspiration for his song, Heart-Shaped Glasses. They engaged in 2010 but broke it months later.

In 2011, Evan and Bell got back together. They got married in 2012 and had a son together. However, after less than two years of marriage, they separated.  

In 2017, Evan had an engagement with Zack Villa, but later in that year, they called it off.  

Evan used to practice taekwondo as a kid, and at the age of 12, she received her black belt, which proves that she can kick an ass. 

In 2003, Evan admitted to being not a religious person but believed in God. For her, God is personal and not in the form of any religion, although she considered herself Jewish.  

In 2011, Evan admitted her bisexuality on social media and discussed it further with her Esquire Magazine interview.

Even though you cannot deny that Evan has perfect boobs and butt, she is also a talented actress in Hollywood.

Sexy and Hot Evan Rachel Wood Pictures

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