60 Sexy and Hot Eva Marie Pictures in her Bikini

Looking at the pictures of Eva Marie, you cannot deny how sexy she is. After all, Eva Marie is a fitness model, fashion designer, actress, and wrestler. As you browse through her pictures, you will get to know what makes Eva Marie a gorgeous, all-rounder person.

Natalie Marie Nelson (Eva Marie) was from Walnut Creek, California, born on the 19th of September 1984. She is the youngest daughter of her Mexican mother, Josie, and Italian father, Barry. Eva Marie’s siblings are all boys who are older than her. 

For this reason, it is not surprising that Eva Marie feels attracted to boyish-like activities. Eva Marie dreamed of becoming an athlete. Eva Marie even tried to carry out her dreams when she became a soccer player in High School. However, an injury got into her. 

Eva Marie went to Diablo Valley College, where she continued playing soccer and served as the team’s striker, which is hot. Eva Marie received her associate degree in art in this school and finished her studies with honors. 

Eva Marie went to Arizona State University. However, she stopped playing soccer due to a lack of confidence. When Eva Marie went to California State University, a coach encouraged her to play again, but her National Collegiate Athletic Association had already expired, which made her feel remorseful. Eva Marie said that if she only believed in herself, she should have continued. 

Despite her remorse, Eva Marie graduated with a degree in business management. Eva Marie went to Los Angeles to have a career in performing arts.

Seeing her in a bikini, you know that she has the body and strength to reach her dreams.

Eva Marie’s career as a wrestler started when she came across the WWE’s casting call and won a four-week tryout in 2013. Eva Marie signed a contract and went to WWE Performance Center in Florida as her assignment and trained there. Eva Marie had minimal training but became successful enough to appear on TV. 

Eva Marie changed her appearance by coloring her hair and wearing different clothes. Eva Marie became a part of the Total Divas, which was a show that centers on the female wrestlers’ lives. It was due to the Total Divas that Eva Marie became prominent. 

When Eva Marie started to become popular, she acted as valet and began to compete. 

However, she succumbed to injuries, and her fame started to diminish. For this reason, Eva Marie busted her ass to redeem herself. It was in 2016 when she appeared again on TV. The WWE Smackdown’s sponsors drafted her to make an entrance but did not include her in the match.

Also, in 2016, Eva Marie left WWE because of her Adderall usage. Because of it, WWE suspended her for the violation. Since then, Eva Marie started drifting away slowly from her wrestling career and began working on other projects. 

In 2014, Jonathan Coyle became her husband. 

Even though Eva Marie is not a wrestler anymore, you cannot deny that she the face, boobs, and butt that show that she was once a wrestler with stamina.

Sexy and Hot Eva Marie Pictures

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