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Esme Augusta Bianco is a British actress widely recognized in the HBO show ‘Game of Thrones’ for her character as the sex worker named Ros, who works at King’s Landing.  Bianco had such a prolific modeling career for leading brands and as a pseudo-burlesque dancer executing a performance all over the globe and before becoming instantly famous for her part in series.

The sexy starlet credits her knowledge as a burlesque performer to the maximum efficiency to where she could execute the challenging scenes in ‘Game of Thrones.’ While she only spent three seasons in the show, Esme received much praise for her intense depiction of Ros. Bianco also holds her credit for multiple films, TV shows, and other series.

The beautiful actress was born in Hertfordshire, England, on May 25, 1982. She sparked controversy in recent times when she finally opened about becoming a victim of domestic abuse, mentioning that most of her former partners have been mentally and emotionally abusive, which is why she now encourages everyone to speak against abusive behavior.

Through her college years, Esme Bianco began modeling. She worked for big brands like Classic Courtesan and Agent Provocateur as an underwear model. The artists Christian Furr &  Heathcote have also worked for her. Later, for her grim and satirical neo-burlesque performances, especially ‘White Wedding,’ Bianco emerged as a popular figure.

She was particularly praised for her show at the prestigious ‘Victoria and Albert Museum’ where she performed the song popularized by Rita Hayworth ‘Put the Blame on Mame’ as she posed at the top of a grand piano. She has also played the lead in music videos of singers like the rock icon Slayer and Robbie Williams.

She relocated from London to the city of  Los Angeles in 2012 to carry on her acting career, wanting to give up her work as a burlesque performer.  Her rapidly increasing projects in the United States of America would include the drama series The Magicians and the CW’s Supergirl. In the Disney Channel show Star vs. The Forces of Evil, she had lent her voice to Queen Eclipsa and then had portrayed Professor Lane in a series named Hot Streets.

The hot actress made her film debut in a vampire film titled Life Among Us. The red-haired siren is famously known for her hourglass physique and gorgeous face. Esme claims that it was her years of working in the world of dance that helped her discipline herself and balanced the way she takes care of her body.

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Sexy and Hot Esme Bianco Pictures