42 Sexy and Hot Erika Eleniak Pictures

Looking at the sexy pictures of Erika Eleniak, you can say that she has the drool-worthy looks. Eleniak is an actress and a former model and famous for her role in the Baywatch series. As you browse through her pictures, learn more about her.

Erika Eleniak was born on the 29th of September 1969 in Glendale, California. She is one of the six children of Dale Alan and Iris Maya.

Looking at her hot photos, you know that it is hard to believe that Eleniak endured an eating disorder that caused her to be underweight and had to undergo treatment because of laxative abuse. She has a Ukrainian, Estonian, and German descent, although her citizenship is Canadian and American.

Eleniak went to Robert Fulton Junior High and finished her studies at Van Nuys High School. 

Her first career in the performing industry was in 1982 when she played the role of Elliot’s classmate. In this movie, she received a kiss from Elliot.

When she turned into an adult, she appeared on the remake of The Blob movie in 1988, where she took the role of a blob’s victim.

In 1989, Eleniak appeared in Playboy, which is not surprising because of her seductive and gorgeous looks.

In the same year, Eleniak was also busting her ass by taking various roles in Baywatch and Charles in Charge.

In Charles in Charge, Eleniak played the character of the protagonist’s girlfriend, Stephanie Curtis. In Baywatch, she took the role of Shauni McClain.

In 1992, Eleniak appeared in the Under Siege movie, playing as Miss July 1989 Playboy Playmate. In real life, Eleniak was indeed a Miss July 1989 Playboy Playmate. 

In 1993, Eleniak took the role of Elly May Clampett in the Beverly Hillbillies. She also became part of the casts of the Chasers film.

Aside from the mentioned films and TV series, Eleniak appeared in the Girl in the Cadillac, The Real Gilligan’s Island, A Pyromaniac’s Love Story, and a lot more.

Her most recent project was Desperate Housewives, Meant to Be, and Boone: The Bounty Hunter. Eleniak may also be a part of the Marilyn Monroe Back, which is currently in a pre-production process.

Eleniak used to be Billy Warlock’s fiancé. Billy Warlock was also her love interest in the Baywatch TV series. She ended up being married to Philip Goglia, but it also ended up in divorce in less than a year.

In the early 2000s, Eleniak started dating the key grip, Roch Daigle. Eleniak had to move to and fro from Los Angeles to Colorado, which was why she bought a house near Daigle’s place.

In 2005, Eleniak suffered from an ectopic pregnancy. She had to undergo surgery, but it ended up in miscarriage. In 2006, Eleniak and her husband welcomed a baby girl named Indyanna.

Looking at Eleniak’s photos, you cannot deny that she has the beauty, boobs, and butt that can make a man fall on his knees. Despite her beauty, Eleniak is an actress, a wife, and a mother.