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Erica Cerra, the sexy Italian-Canadian actress, is best known for her character in the television series “Eureka” (2006-2012). She played Deputy Jo Lupo in the sci-fi television series for 77 episodes. The Canada-born stunner discovered her love of acting at a young age. She dabbled in the industry a bit, appearing in several commercials. However, she decided to take a break from the scene and only returned when she was already 22. 

Erica’s ravishing looks have landed her roles in several sci-fi series and movies. She played the role of a human-Cylon child’s adoptive mother on Battlestar Galactica, and has made appearances on shows like “Warehouse 13,” “Sanctuary,” “Jake 2.0,” and “The 4400.” Erica also played the role of the goddess Hera in the movie “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” (2010).

Given her exotic looks, she’s also managed to seduce audiences in her recurring role as a hot lesbian vampire and professor, Uta Ferson, in the series “The L Word.” Since the show tackled many things about gender and sexuality, Erica perfectly portrayed the role of a confidently sexy woman who knew what she wanted. Her role also appealed to a particular demographic, and she did not fail.

In the show, she had a particularly steamy scene with fellow actress Leisha Haley. The scenario involved some kinky activities that included bondage and some playful biting.

Active on social media, Erica regularly updates her over 40,000 Instagram fans. Her account shows both her glamorous and laidback style, with photos showing her either all glammed up or dressed down. In April 2020, her most viewed video upload was a throwback video of some behind-the-scenes moments in one of her Maxim photoshoots. The short clip showed her donning several bikinis and showing off her fabulous body.

At age 40, Erica still knows how to stay young and fit. Proof of these is her fantastic rack that’s emphasized even more by her natural boobs and ass. Just eight years after giving birth to her child, she’s maintained a well-toned physique.

She is currently married to her husband Raffaele Fiore, sharing one child with him. She gave birth on May 14 to her lovely daughter Talia Serafina Fiore. Outside acting, she enjoys cooking and painting. Her love and thirst for life, as well as her ambition and personal drive, are what keeps her going. She admires Hollywood greats like Julia Roberts, Cate Blanchett, and Meryl Streep.

Erica Cerra seems like she’s living a life of joy and contentment. She has gifted the world with her timeless beauty, captivating body, and her enigmatic persona that makes her pleasing to watch onscreen. As an actress, she sure knows how to make audiences fall in love with any character she portrays. 

Sexy and Hot Erica Cerra Pictures

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