51 Sexy and Hot Emmanuelle Vaugier Pictures

Looking at the sexy photos of Emmanuelle Vaugier, you know that her beauty is perfection. Vaugier is an actress who became famous for her roles on TV shows that include CSI: NY and Smallville. As you look at her photos, find out more about her professionally and personally. 

Emmanuelle Frederique Vaugier was born on the 23rd of June 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her parents are French, and she has a brother named Jason. 

Her parents raised her as a Roman Catholic who spoke French as a first language. 

Vaugier went to Crofton House School, where she spent 10 years studying. After that, she went to Magee Secondary School, where she underwent the school’s SPARTS program for students with careers. 

At a young age, Vaugier already started working in the performing industry, which is not surprising because she is hot. Vaugier spent three years in Japan to study modeling. In 2005, she made her first appearance as Rosalie Frank in A Family Divided TV movie. 

Since then, Vaugier appeared in several movies and TV shows by playing minor roles. Vaugier appeared in the Highlander: The Series. Vaugier also became part of the short-lived TV series North Shore as Lindsey Kellogg. Aside from these TV shows, Vaugier had guest roles on various shows like Higher Ground, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, The Outer Limits, and more. 

You know that Vaugier has the beauty and talent of an artist looking at her in a bikini. That is why it is not surprising that although she is not as famous as the A-list artists, she is in-demand. 

Vaugier appeared in the 12 Two and a Half Men episodes, taking the role of Charlie Harper. Her performance as Dr. Helen Bryce caught the attention of sci-fi fans. She got this role in the Smallville series, where she played as Lex Luthor’s love interest. 

Aside from these mentioned TV series, she also appeared in Home Song, Viper, Assault on Death Mountain, So Weird, The Handler, Charmed, Cerberus, One Tree Hill, and more. 

Her appearances in various films are also notable. She appeared in My 5 Wives, Ripper, Saw II, Blonde and Blonder, Saw IV, Absolute Deception, Destruction: Los Angeles, and more. 

Because Vaugier busted her ass as an actress, she received a nomination in Greenville International Film Festival for the film Susie’s Hope as Donna Smith Lawrence. Because of her roles in various shows and movies, Vaugier has an estimated net worth of 5 million dollars. 

There is a rumor that Vaugier and Sean Penn are in a relationship, but none of them confirmed it. Vaugier had been in a relationship with Jayson Gray, Josh Cooke, and Chuck Lorre. 

Even though Vaugier is not an A-list actress, she is in-demand in the industry, which proves that she is more than a face and boobs. Vaugier is a talented actress who has been acting since she was young. 

Sexy and Hot Emmanuelle Vaugier Pictures