40 Sexy and Hot Emma Frost Pictures

The sexy mutant Emma Frost is known as a fictional character associated with Hellfire Club and the X-Men. Before she joined the ranks of X-Men, Frost is notorious for being one of the superhero team’s supervillain enemies that they have fought throughout the early publications of Marvel comics. However, things have changed, and the hot mutant became the X-Men’s most crucial asset and figure.

Frost is born to a wealthy family, along with three sisters and one older brother. It turns out that all of the Frost sisters are all mutants, giving them extraordinary telepathic powers that had activated when they reached their puberty stages.

Frost refused the offer of her father to become the heiress of the family’s wealth. She instead has chosen to become independent and do what she wants. But at some time, she was still given a portion of it.

By that time, Emma is already making a name for herself, using business as her main drive to do things and climbing the ranks of the corporate system. With the help of Dark Beast, and by using her hidden mutant powers, Frost quickly achieved absolute power.

Frost started her way as a stockholder in an international corporation that focuses on electronics and transportation services. Later on, she became one of its significant stockholders and eventually took the role of the chairwoman of the corporation and renamed it as Frost International.

With her immense wealth and presence in the business sector, Frost was noticed by the Hellfire Club, who are a group of elites, aristocrats, and wealthy individuals who seek more power and even world domination. After some time, the mutant lady was able to get inside the group.

Frost befriended Sebastian Shaw, who is a Council of the Chosen member. After both have known about the Hellfire’s Club’s real intention of mutant global annihilation through their Armageddon project, Frost and her newfound ally Shaw immediately took action and overthrown the leaders of the club, and therefore assuming their positions.

Frost became the White Queen, and Shaw took the role of the Black King. From then on, the mutant leader was aware of the existence of the growing team of X-Men, which is founded by Professor Charles Xavier.

Frost would become a massive part of the X-Men’s development as well as becoming one of its esteemed leader and director.

Perhaps, Frost’s transition is one of the most crucial parts of the history of mutants. Her revolt against the original Hellfire Club also helped to save not just all of the mutants, but also the planet earth from world domination.

With her big boobs and tight ass, Frost is easily one of Marvel’s sexiest characters that have existed. If you want to know how her bikini body looks, then be sure to take your time and look at our high-quality photo compilation.

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