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Emily Kinney is a Nebraskan born actress that developped a style of her own and was able to post a strong presence on the screen. The Sexy and Hot Emily Kinney Pictures we have below will unveil the sensual side of her.

Born on August 15, 1985, she grew up in a family that was always on the move. As a youth, she’d been to other parts of Nebraska, Nevada, and Oregon. Kinney studied at New York University for one semester. However, she returned to Nebraska to study at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Kinney got her degree in BA Theatre in 2006. After graduation, she went to New York and pursued an acting career. Kinney started her acting career professionally at the age of 21. Her first role was Anna in a play Spring Awakening. After a year, Kinney appeared in August: Osage County.

Her debut on TV was Emily in The Big C, a series by Showtime. Later, Kinney appeared in Law & Order as Jeannie Richmonds. She debuted in Aunt Tigress as Gina. Kinney landed various small parts and cameo roles.

Kinney’s breakthrough came in 2011. She got the role of Beth Greene in The Walking Dead. Kinney’s character is a 16-year-old girl even though she was 25 years old at that time. Two years passed before Kinney got the promotion. She became a series regular. Kinney played the role until 2014. She appeared in one episode in 2015.

After playing Beth Greene in The Walking Dead, Kinney starred in Memories of Murder in its sixteenth episode. She also appeared in The Flash series on the eighteenth episode. Kinney landed a recurring role in Masters of Sex. She played her character for four TV episodes.

In 2016, Kinney got a leading role in Love On The Sidelines, a Hallmark show. The same year, she joined the cast of Conviction as Tess Larson. Kinney also starred as a guest in the Arrow as Brie Larvan, a character she played in the eighteenth episode on The Flash. In 2017, Kinney was part of the cast in Ten Days in the Valley. She played Casey.

Aside from acting, the sexy actress has a gifted voice. She sang one part in the soundtrack The Parting Glass with Lauren Cohan. In 2013, Kinney released her second EP with the title Expired Love. The EP’s re-released date was 2014 with additional two tracks.

After her role in The Walking Dead, Kinney released several singles and albums. Kinney released her single, Rockstar, before the year ended in 2014. She also starred in a music video Bulletproof Picasso by Train. In 2015, Kinney released her This Is War album with a featured single, Birthday Cake.

Sexy and Hot Emily Kinney Pictures

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