51 Sexy and Hot Andraya Michele Pictures

Andraya Michele, known as Draya, was first introduced in the spotlight when Chris Brown went public on their relationship. Michele was a cast in the 2011 VH1 produced series, Basketball Wives LA. In the same year, the actress made her debut in a scripted series, Will to Love. Fast forward to 2016, Draya debuts with a supporting role in The Perfect Match, a 2016 romantic comedy film.

In 2018, Michele portrayed the female lead in a thriller movie We Belong Together. The film was the network, BET’s original film debut. Unfortunately, the movie flopped and was not received well by critics, yet ironically, this film displayed Draya’s range in acting. The actress gained attention and fans after the film. While the film was not the talk of the town, the audience recognized the starlet’s potential in acting and loved how hot she portrayed a messed-up college girl. We Belong Together remains as Draya’s most-searched movie.

Among the credited projects of Michele were Real Husbands of Hollywood, True to the Game, and Star. The actress recently went back to acting. Michele portrays Mia in Be Someone, a 2020 television series. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the production is on hold. Michele plays a role in the film California Love which is currently in post-production. Her character remains unknown, whether the actress gets to play the lead or another supporting role.

Michele did not stay in the television industry but focused on putting up a clothing line. With an initial amount of 12 thousand dollars, Draya invested all her savings to her company. In an interview, she recalled how she wanted to make clothing pieces that are fashionable and sexy at the same time.

In 2013, the aspiring designer launched her first clothing line, Fine Ass Girls, followed by Beige & Coco in 2016. Fine Ass Girls features comfortable activewear and streetwear a contrast to her sexy collections in Beige & Coco. Michele opened Mint Swim, a swimwear line solely for swimwear, bikini, and accessories. The motivation for starting Mint Swim was Draya wanted to make bikinis that hugged all the right curves.

For now, the 35-year old designer took her advertisements to social media, mainly Instagram. The actress uses snippets of videos and snaps of her modeling her bikini and other clothing collections.

Teaming with Fashion Nova, a Global Fashion Brand, Draya posted a video of her in a fishnet top that hugged her ample boobs while giving tips on neutral ensembles. She did numerous collaborations with swimsuit lines and took on the role of modeling them. Fans gushed over the colorful bikinis and Draya’s well-proportioned body. The designer turned model looked flawless whether she wore a bodycon dress that hugged her ass or sheer-laced lingerie, which does not cover anything but does flaunt and push up boobs. Draya made millions from Mint Swim alone. Business seems to go well for this self-made millionaire.

Sexy and Hot Andraya Michele Pictures