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Irish actress Dominique McElligott might be one of the many celebrities with the shortest Wikipedia description, but that does not mean that the sexy actress is not a famous actor. She is just elusive towards her personal life and primarily worked with numerous independent films, hence the short information. If you even search for any hot photos of her on the net, you will never find a single picture where she posed in a bikini, and that is how private she is. To see more photos of Dominique McElligott, check out our compilation here.

You will never guess it, but Dominique Mcelligot is 35 years old and maintains a great deal of social media cleansing. She was born on March 5, 1986, in Ireland, where she spent most of her years before becoming an actress.

Many may not know it, but Dominique was in the show business for a while, and she already knows how to separate her personal life with her career. Dominique started her acting career in 2001, where she portrayed the character Cora Collins in the TV series, On Home Ground. She appeared in the series for a total of 10 episodes before her short hiatus.

McElligott returned to the TV spotlight in 2005 with her appearance in the TV film, Whiskey Echo. She played the character, Rachel. The TV film is about a group of aid workers who went to Sudan to help the needy and the sick during the Second Sudanese Civil War. After her 2005 lead role, Mcelligot’s next project took longer. Her next appearance was in 2008 when she landed the role of Emily in the horror film, Dark Floors. In the same year, she also appeared in an undocumented movie called Satellites and Meteorites.

Amid her movie projects, Dominique was able to insert her guest role for the pilot episode of the British supernatural comedy series, Being Human. She also guest-starred in the Irish drama series, Raw, and appeared in six episodes for 2008.

Mcelligot’s TV breakthrough was all thanks to the TV series, Hell on Wheels. She got the main cast and portrayed the character of Lily Bell. The series premiered in 2011 and ended in 2012. In 2010, Dominique had a short appearance in the romantic film, Leap Year which starred Amy Adams and Matthew Goode.

House of Cards was the most prominent TV project of Dominique. She landed as a main cast in the series and portrayed the character, Hannah Conway. Currently, Mcelligot is a lead role in the TV series, The Boys, playing the character, Queen Maeve.

Sexy and Hot Dominique McElligott Pictures