42 Sexy and Hot Debbie Harry Pictures

The sultry singer of the popular band, Blondie, has been an icon in the music industry for half a century, and Debbie Harry looks like she will not be stopping anytime soon. Apart from singing, this hot artist has ventured into other fields throughout her extensive career.

In the late 1970s, new wave music emerged from the traditional styles of blues and rock and roll. This type of music was a combination of pop and rock tunes with elements of disco, mod, and electronic sound. Debbie Harry started the band in 1974 with musician Chris Stein. Together, they were the pioneers of the new wave scene in the United States.

The group has made multiple changes in its roster, but these two founding members remained involved up to the present. The two were in an intimate relationship for several years, but they split in 1989 due to drug problems and financial issues. However, they continue to be good friends. The sexy artist was even the godmother to her previous lover’s children.

Aside from her band member, Debbie Harry had relationships with magician Penn Jillette, artist Cal Chamberlain, singer Joey Ramone, and punk vocalist Iggy Pop. The celebrity also had relationships with women when she was younger. Currently, Debbie Harry enjoys the rest of her life living with her dogs in New Jersey.

In her prime, the beautiful singer had no qualms baring her toned body in a bikini or revealing clothes that teased of her generous boobs and ass. However, her advancing age does not stop Debbie Harry from hitting the beach and looking good in more modest swimsuits. She seems naturally different from her youth, but we applaud this brilliant artist for keeping her confidence throughout the years.

Blondie released 11 studio albums, and their early works received multiple platinum certifications in the United States and the United Kingdom. During the band’s hiatus, Debbie Harry focused on her solo career and released five albums of her own.

She has starred in numerous films, with her first leading role in the crime mystery Union City. Other movies credited to her name are Roadie, Downtown 81, Videodrome, Rock & Rule, and Satisfaction. The stunning actress gained more prominence in the comedy-drama Hairspray.

She then appeared in television and independent films such as Intimate Stranger, Rakthavira, Sandman, Full Grown Men, Drop Dead Rock, Honey Trap, Patch, and I Remember You Now. This natural redhead had guest roles in television series Tales from the Darkside, Wiseguy, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Difficult People.

Debbie Harry even had voice roles for video games Double Switch and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Check out more of this gorgeous celebrity in our exclusive collection of photos.

Sexy and Hot Debbie Harry Pictures