41 Sexy and Hot Brie Bella Pictures

You might not want to mess with Brie Bella as this WWE fighter will wrestle you down to your last breath. Brie got known in the wrestling world with her also hot twin sister, Nikki Bella. The Bella Twins rocked the ringside with their great sexy stunts and their amazingly beautiful locks. Although Brie shows off most of her ass and boobs, she still does not want to pose nude. To see more of Brie Bella’s photos, check out our photo compilation here.

The farm girl Brianna Monique Garcia-Colace was born on November 21, 1983, 16 minutes apart with her twin sister, Nicole. Although the twins were born in California, they loved that they spent their entire childhood in their farm home in Arizona.

Ever since she was little, Brianna was sporty. She even played soccer with her twin when they were still in grade school. Right after high school graduation, Brianna moved back to San Diego to pursue her college degree but eventually moved to Los Angeles in the hopes of finding an agent for her modeling dreams.

In 2006, Brie and her twin sister joined the International Body Doubles twin search. They also joined the WWE Diva Search in the same year but failed to make the cut. But in June 2007, Brie and Nikki finally got to sign with WWE and got assigned in the Florida Championship Wrestling. In September of the same year, the twins had their debut with a ring name, The Bella Twins.

The Bella Twins’ success started in 2008 when they defeated Victoria. In November 2008, the twins had an on-screen relationship with The Colons brothers. Their relationship then developed a storyline that eventually led to Brie fighting with her twin. In the next year, the Bella twins got a draft at Raw, and Brie made her debut in a tag team match. In August 2009, the twins announced that they would be joining the third season of NXT.

In 2011, the Bella twins entered the Divas Champion. Their story began when they had a feud with Eve Torres. Then, in March 2012, Nikki and Brie had another fight, causing Nikki to compete at the Divas championship alone.

The twins returned to WWE in 2013, announcing their arrival in an episode of Raw where they had a backstage segment with Team Rhodes Scholars. In 2014, Brie connived with her real-life husband in a storyline with Stephanie MacMahon and Kane. Brie eventually quit and got replaced with Nikki. After a month of not showing up, Brie finally appeared in an episode in July.

In an announcement made by WWE at the SmackDown on February 21, 2020, they revealed that Brie and Nikki Bella would join the WWE Hall of Fame.

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