48 Sexy and Hot Dakota Kai Pictures

This stunning brunette started her professional wrestling career before she even hit her twenties, and Dakota Kai has since made a name for herself in the industry. Aside from a detailed introduction to her life, we will present you with a titillating set of Sexy and Hot Dakota Kai Picturess. Don’t miss them!

Born Cheree Georgina Crowley, the excellent star came from a family of athletes. Her sister is a mixed martial artist, and her grandfather was a national rugby player who represented New Zealand under the team All Blacks. Dakota Kai’s mother came from the picturesque Lepea village at the Independent State of Samoa.

The sexy warrior initially made waves in the New Zealand and Australian wrestling scenes. She was the first woman to win Impact Pro Wrestling, beating out two other fighters in a triple threat match. Dakota Kai received an agreement to work in Japan for three months under Pro Wrestling Zero1.

Dakota Kai made her American debut in 2013 with Shimmer Women athletes. She then appeared in the independent professional promotion, Shine Wrestling. Though her track record on both leagues was not very promising, the events paved the way for her further prominence in the United States. Any day that we get to see her toned boobs and ass in a shiny suit is a good one.

This fierce woman finally made her appearance in the World Wrestling Entertainment through its TV program, WWE Next, in 2015. Ever since then, Dakota Kai has made numerous appearances on the ring, participating in the tag team championship, a war games match, and the Royal Rumble.

The hot wrestling star has an undisclosed net worth, but aside from professional wrestling, Dakota Kai has merchandise available online. She has also featured in two sports shows. Gamers can now download her character in WWE 2K19 and WWE 2K20.

Dakota Kai is also active on social media platforms Instagram and Twitter. She continually updates fans with her matches and posts candid shots of herself on the ring. Though we are yet to see a bikini photo, what Dakota Kai wears on stage infinitely suits her better.

The celebrity is officially single, but there were rumors that she dated fellow female wrestler, Nixon Newell. Neither party confirmed the news, so we will settle with appreciating these two gorgeous females on screen and their social media accounts. For now, it looks like the pair remains close friends, even if they already turned against each other on stage.

Even with the global health crisis in 2020, Dakota Kai and the whole NXT team commits to provide their audience with wrestling entertainment. Though she admits performing without the fans can get lonely, she makes sure to connect with the at-home audience immediately after her matches. We look forward to seeing more of this powerful woman in the wrestling industry.

Sexy and Hot Dakota Kai Pictures