48 Sexy and Hot Claire Foy Pictures

Thespians have a sexy aura around them, especially Claire Foy, a British actress, known for her outstanding performances in theatre acts, TV series, and films. She starred as Julia Beckett in the pilot episode of Being Human (2011-2014), and on the soap opera Doctors (2000-present). Who is Claire Foy, and why is she so attractive?

Claire Foy was a Stockport native, born on April 16, 1984. She is the daughter of Caroline Foy and David Foy, who eventually divorced when she was eight. Claire Foy attended the Aylesbury High School and then pursued a degree in drama and screen studies in Liverpool John Moores University.

She also had experience with the Oxford School of Drama, wherein she trained there for a year.  After graduation, she decided to move out to Peckham and rent a house with her friends from drama school. Friends for life!

While she was busy with the one-year course in the Oxford School of Drama, Claire Foy performed in plays such as Top Girl, Watership Down, and Touched. She officially made her stage debut when she performed in the trio-plays DNA, The Miracle, and Baby Girl. Her film appearances include Little Dorrit (2008), The Night Watch (2011), and the iconic Season of the Witch (2011) with Nicolas Cage.

In the famous play Macbeth, Claire Foy made a comeback in the stage alongside Jame McAvoy as Lady Macbeth. In 2015, she acted as Anne Boleyn, the Queen of England, in the drama series Wolf Hall (2015). Her performance as the doomed monarch earned her praise and respect from many critics. She even had a nomination for a Best Actress award because of this portrayal. Truly magnificent!

Since 2016, she acted the role of the young and budding Queen Elizabeth II on Netflix series The Crown. Here, she received critical acclaim and a Golden Globe awards as Best Actress. She was married to Stephen Campbell Moore, who had a child, but reports suggest that they separated back in 2018.

Her most recent works were the psychological thriller Unsane (2018), The Girl in the Spider’s Web (2018), and the First Man (2018). Her job as Neil Armstrong’s wife, Janet Shearon, earned her the nomination for several awards, like the Golden Globes, the Critic’s Choice Award, and the British Academy of Film and TV Arts Award.

Claire Foy has a stunningly gorgeous body. She may be slightly petite and flat-chested, but this feature allows her to wear dresses and outfits with style and sophistication. Her body is a sexy temple, housing the brilliant mind of Claire Foy and her acting skills.

Her steaming hot sex appeal makes men swoon, and her boobs and ass do quite well in handling classy, fashionable dresses. She might not have the best bikini body, but her style and elegance would probably do the trick.

Sexy and Hot Claire Foy Pictures