42 Sexy and Hot Claire Forlani Pictures

At the age of 48, Claire Forlani does not allow aging to be her best friend. Her clear skin and her hot body are some of the proof that this actress has not aged a bit since her Meet Joe Black days. You might even notice her bikini body whenever she hits the beach with her family. The sexy mommy actress proved to us that age is just a number. To see more of Claire Forlani, check out our compilation of photos and images.

The Forlani family welcomed baby Claire Antonia Forlani into the world on December 17, 1971, in London. Even at a very young age, Claire already knew what she wants to become when she grows up. So, at 11 years old, the young Claire attended the Arts Educational School. While in school, she was able to showcase her talent in their stage play, The Nutcracker.

Claire was 22 years old when her family moved to the US so that she will have a broader scope of acting opportunities. Not so shockingly, Claire landed her first US TV appearance in the television film, JFK: Reckless Youth. She played the role of Ann Cannon. Then, Claire started to portray film roles in 1994 with the movie Police Academy: Mission to Moscow.

In 1995, Claire appeared as Brandi Svenning in the romantic-comedy film, Mallrats. Her role in the movie highlighted her charming and sexy physique. It is something that many love about her more than her boobs or her ass.

Claire continued to appear in many movies from 1996 to 2003. Then, in 1998, she became more famous because of her role as Susan Parrish in the romantic film, Meet Joe Black. Her fresh-looking face and her charming smile captivated the hearts of the viewers, especially that she got paired with one of the hottest leading men in Hollywood, Brad Pitt. 

In 1999, Claire starred in another film, but this time, a comedy movie called Mystery Men, along with Ben Stiller, Geoffrey Rush. Then, just before she ventured back into television sitcoms, Claire appeared in the crime-comedy film, Triggermen.

Claire also starred in the movie, The Medallion, with Jackie Chan in 2003. Then, in 2006, she appeared in the TV series, CSI: NY, as Dr. Peyton Driscoll. She portrayed her recurring role in 2010, a year before she got another police action series role.

In 2011, Forlani got another recurring role for NCIS: Los Angeles. She appeared in the series until 2012. Then in 2013, Claire starred in a thriller movie called Another Me. She played the role of Ann Delusey.

Claire’s last TV appearance was in 2019 when she became Janet in the TV series, Departure.

Forlani married Dougray Scott in June 2007. Although the couple did not bear a child, they adopted their son, Milo Thomas Scott, in December 2014.

Sexy and Hot Claire Forlani Pictures

Sexy and Hot Claire Forlani Pictures
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