60 Sexy and Hot Ciara Pictures

Looking at the sexy pictures of Ciara, you know that she is the kind of girl that can make your mouth water. This talented artist has ventured into a lot of fields and became successful. Say beauty and style? Say no more with the Sexy and Hot Ciara Pictures we have below.

Now, let’s earn more about this girl and what makes her more than a girl with a beautiful body.

Ciara Princess Harris was from Austin, Texas, born on October 25, 1985. She is the only daughter of Carlton Clay and Jackie Harries, where her parents got her name from the Ciara fragrance collection of Revlon. 

As a child, Ciara and her family traveled from places to places. She and her family had been to some states of the US, but they finally settled in Atlanta, Georgia, where Ciara’s music career began.

In Georgia, Ciara joined a girl group called Hearsay in her mid-teens. They recorded demos but parted ways because of their differences.

What was hot about Ciara was her determination. Even though her previous band broke, she did not stop pursuing her dreams and began writing songs. 

She wrote songs for Blu Cantrell and Fantasia Barrino. It was while she was writing songs when she became friends with Jazze Pha, who helped her record demos and signed a deal with LaFace Records.

In 2004, Ciara released her first album called Goodies, which included the songs And I, Goodies, and Oh. 

Even on her first album, she faced a remarkable success when her Goodies ranked the Billboard Hot 100. She received triple platinum for it, including nominations at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards. 

Missy Elliott collaborated with Ciara and appeared in Missy’s music video for her songs like Like You, Lose Control, and Bow Wow, which also charted the Billboard 100. 

Her second studio album, which included the songs Promise, Get Up, and Cant’ Leave em’ Alone, also charted the top songs in the US and also received a platinum award.

However, her third album, Fantasy Ride, was a less success, but the song Love Sex and Magic the top ten internationally. Ciara also received a nomination for Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals. 

Her fourth album, the Basic Instinct, did not sell as much as her previous albums, but the song Ride topped the charts still. 

Because of the declining trend of her albums, she signed a deal with Epic Records and released the album, Ciara. It had the song Body Party that also ranked the charts. 

She released her sixth album Jackie in 2015, which had the song I Bet. 

Because of her gorgeousness in her bikini, there is no wonder that Ciara would also make an amazing actress. Ciara also ventured in acting. She debuted in the film All You’ve Got and also became part of the movies That’s My Boy and Mama, I Want to Sing! 

Ciara had been in a relationship with Future and had a son. They became engaged in 2013, but the marriage did not pursue. 

However, in 2016, she finally got her ass married to a Seattle Seahawks player named Russel Wilson. Their relationship started in 2015. In 2017, she gave birth to a daughter and announced in 2020 that she and her husband were expecting their second child.

With Ciara’s success in her ventures, it proves that she is a talented artist and not just a gorgeous face with perfect boobs and butt.

Sexy and Hot Ciara Pictures

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