60 Sexy and Hot Christina Ochoa Pictures

You may know Christina Ochoa as an actress, but you might not know that she is also a scientist and a writer. The hot Animal Kingdom star keeps her bikini body fit and healthy with her excellent workout routine. Also, did we say she’s a scientist and a writer? That is too hot to handle that she does not even need to pose her boobs and ass. To see more of Christina Ochoa’s photos, check out our photo compilation.

Christina Ochoa Lopez was born on January 25, 1985, in the beautiful country of Spain. She came from a family of well-renowned people, including her grand uncle and Nobel Prize winner, Severo Ochoa. Her father, Victor Ochoa, is also an acclaimed sculptor in Spain.

Since her childhood years, Christina always had a slight urge to turn into acting although she wanted to become a scientist. When her family moved to Washington, D.C., she made acting her hobby. Ochoa appeared in theatrical plays at the Little Theatre of Alexandria. Later, Ochoa felt she wanted to become a professional actress, so she decided to pursue her career in acting and studied performing arts in Madrid, Spain. 

While in Madrid, she worked in theatre and TV. She first appeared in a Spanish film called Contact@me in 2009. Then, her next project came in 2011 when she got cast on a guest role for the TV series, I Hate My Teenage Daughter. In 2012, Ochoa appeared on another guest role on the famous family sitcom, Modern Family, as a nurse.

Ochoa had a one-year hiatus before returning to the screens in 2014 with her guest role in the TV series, Matador. In the same year, she co-wrote a web-series called Chaotic Awesome. She also starred on the web-series.

Christina’s breakthrough was in the American drama series, Animal Kingdom. The TV series first aired in June 2016 and is still on air now. Christina first appeared in the first season, playing the character of Renn Randall. Her role lasted until the fourth season in 2019, garnering a total of 20 episode appearances.

While being on the Animal Kingdom, Ochoa also starred in another TV series called Blood Drive in 2017. She also starred in Valor from 2017 to 2018 as the character, CW3 Nora Madani. Ochoa’s star roles continued when the actress landed the leading role of Ashley Morales on the TV series, A Million Little Things. She appeared in 13 episodes from 2018 to 2019.

Aside from being an actress, Christina is also a science communicator. In an interview, Ochoa revealed that her job is a hybrid between a journalist and a scientist. The job description is translating scientific research into a language that the public can understand in a layman’s term. So, Ochoa breaks down the nerdy stuff and explains the complex concepts into words that can be understood by the public.

Sexy and Hot Christina Ochoa Pictures

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