50 Sexy and Hot Cassandra Peterson Pictures

Cassandra Peterson was born in Manhattan, Kansas, on 17 September 1951. She experienced her childhood within the Kansas Randolph zone before It flooded to create the area, which is now known as the Tuttle Creek Reservoir. The flooding had forced her family to move to Colorado Springs; this was where the future star would spend most of her early years. It was in her childhood that Peterson would end up in a kitchen-related accident that resulted in her body covered with several scars.

She graduated high school in 1969 at General William J. Palmer. She would perform as a go-go girl in a nearby gay bar while studying at the high school, and this had continued for a while until the sexy star left her job to pursue better opportunities.

 By the age of 17, she became one of the hot “Viva Les Girls” showgirls at The Dunes Casino in Las Vegas. Petersen’s first role was no different from her previous occupation. She made a minor appearance as a showgirl in the James Bond movie ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ in 1971, and was played another brief part in ‘The Working Girls’ in 1974 as a topless dancer. Cassandra was also on the cover of Tom Waits’ 1976 album ‘Small Change,’ where she had modeled as a stripper.

Upon the advice of her good friend Elvis Presley, Cassandra had decided to move to Italy and became the leading singer of Italian rock group Latins 80 and The Snails. When she had returned to the United States, she immediately toured in a string of disco and night club locations; this tour was with a comedic musical act. She appeared on Playboy magazine shortly after, Cassandra did a nude shoot along with a bikini inspired shots.

However, Petersen is popularly recognized for her portrayal of the vampire inspired role of Elvira on the TV program ‘Elvira’s Movie Macabre.’ The show was such a massive hit that people started only to call her by the name Elvira. Her career reached even greater lengths when the horror film ‘Elvira, Mistress of the Dark’ was released. She had co-written and produced the film, as well as its sequel, ‘Elvira’s Haunted Hills.’

As a character, Elvira was so famous that a sequel had followed the film that she had co-produced, along with a brand deal with the beer maker, Coors.  The advertisements she had done for the company earned her a lot of money and household notoriety. Coors hence after was dubbed as the “official Halloween beer.” 

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Sexy and Hot Cassandra Peterson Pictures