53 Sexy and Hot Carol Vorderman Pictures

Carol Vorderman is perhaps the embodiment of beauty and brains in the world of the TV industry. This 59-year-old media personality is more than just a pretty face. With an IQ of 154, she’s not only smart but ultimately sexy.

Carol was born at Bedford, Bedfordshire, in 1960. She has a mixture of Dutch and Welsh roots from both of her parents.  At age 17, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in engineering at Sidney Sussex College, where she acquired third-class honors.

Vorderman worked as a junior civil engineer for her first job. She also explored the music industry, where she performed as a backing vocalist for two pop groups.

Her career as a TV presenter started when her mother found a newspaper advertisement asking for a co-host with excellent mathematical skills at a quiz show. Carol, who is 22 at that time, successfully bagged the Countdown role, the longest-running show on Channel 4.

Her career as a game show hostess quickly blossomed, which led her to become one of the highest-paid women in Britain. In the succeeding years, Carol hosted other broadcasting shows such as Better Homes and Loose Women.  

Vorderman soon became one of the most established British media personalities. From 1982 up to the present, she made countless appearances as guest host and presenter.

Aside from broadcasting, Carol wrote newspaper columns for The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mirror. She also launched Detox for Life, a self-help book on how to lose weight through detox plans, which sold millions of copies.

Her accomplishments in the broadcasting industry did not go unnoticed. Queen Elizabeth II awarded Vorderman as the Member of the Order of the British Empire for the services she provided in broadcasting. She also obtained an Honorary Degree at the University of Bath and as an Honorary Fellow at Bangor University.

Carol’s personal life is as colorful as her career. When she was 24, she got hitched with Royal Navy Officer Christopher Mather, whom she divorced 12 months later. Her second marriage was with her now ex-husband Patrick King, whom she had two children.

In 2001, Kelly lived with her partner Des Kelly, a newspaper executive. She broke up with him five years later. Currently, Carol is living with her two children in Bristol.

Carol Vorderman makes sure that her fans are always on a tab with her daily life. She frequently uploads on Instagram and Twitter. In her photos, she often wears clothes that feature the best assets of her bikini body: her ass and boobs.

Carol is popularly known for wearing leather pants as her signature style. There are occasions where you could see her wearing dresses that highlight the shape of her body and cleavage.

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