48 Sexy and Hot Carmella Pictures in her Bikini

American sexy pro-wrestler Leah Van Dale is famous for her appearances in different WWE matches. She goes by the nickname Carmella which is easily recognizable by many fans.

Being born as a daughter of a pro-wrestler and MMA practitioner meant that Carmella would also go into the industry one day. She spent most of her childhood in Spencer, Massachusetts and enrolled in David Prouty High School. Carmella successfully graduated from her former school and proceeded to take a four-year course at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Before Carmella became a pro-wrestler, she was a dancer who practiced cheerleading for the New England Patriots. The American pro-wrestler did this at the start of her college life and also ending it before her graduation. After that, she became one of the Laker Girls that appears on every halftime shows in the matches of the NBA team, Los Angeles Lakers.

After ending her contract as a dancer for the LA Lakers, Carmella decided to pursue a career in wrestling. Before she became a dancer, Carmella auditioned for WWE Tough Enough; however, she chose to become part of the Laker Girls.

She came back and tried another shot in pro-wrestling in 2013 when she signed a contract with WWE. Carmella moved to Florida since it is the location for the brand she was assigned, WWE’s NXT.

The next year, together with a flourishing WWE career, Carmella came in contact with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. After some time, she decided to step up and became their manager.

From NXT, Carmella made progress and got chosen to appear in SmackDown as one of the main rosters. It also acted as her debut on the said WWE brand, which also became her breakthrough as a pro-wrestler.

The next year, Carmella joined the Money in the Bank event. She dominated the entire roster and came out victoriously.

The following year, the American pro-wrestler made history when she fought with Charlotte Flair. Carmella defeated her eventually, which resulted in an opportunity to withdraw her Money in the Bank winnings, while also becoming the champion of the Women’s Championship.

Recently, Carmella participated in an all-woman Battle Royal, which concluded in 2019. She won the event alongside the WWE 24/7 for two times.

Carmella is a beautiful woman with an attractive personality. Her talent when it comes to dancing is also a mind-blowing add-on for her pro-wrestling career. In her time as a Laker Girl, Carmella was able to have a slim bikini body, but right now, she’s trying to maintain her buff look for her current career.

Perhaps, her shift towards the pro-wrestling scene is the best decision she made in her entire life. If you want to know how she looks like before, then why don’t you stay? We have the best boobs and ass photos of Carmella that is ready to be viewed anytime.