46 Sexy and Hot Carice Van Houten Pictures

The sexy Dutch actress Carice Anouk van Houten made her mark in the acting industry when she played roles in the films, Suzy Q and Undercover Kitty. She also won a couple of awards throughout her career.

Canice grew up mostly in Leiderdorp, Netherlands, and here, she also enrolled in several schools. After graduating from Utrecht, the Dutch actress decided to enroll in Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts and shortly left. Afterward, she continued her academic pursuit in Kleinkunstacademie, which lasted for a year.

Suzy Q was Canice’s most significant break in the television scene, which also enabled her to become famous and score more roles. Aside from that, it has also given her two awards, one that was provided by the Golden Calf. She would later earn another accolade from the Golden Calf for her part in the 2001 film, Undercover Kitty alongside two more awards.

In 2001, as well, Carice transitioned into films and appeared in AmnesiA. Five years later, the Dutch actress would rekindle with a Golden Calf award in the film Black Book, where she played the character of Rachel Stein.

The same year of Black Book’s premiere, Canice was supposed to be working on a stage production but quitted because of work-related issues, including overworking and being busy with her schedule. She starred in a Dutch production,  Zingen in het donker; a short movie premiered in 2008.

In 2008 as well, Canice got a feature in the magazine, Vanity Fair. That same year, she co-starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in Body of Lies. However, her scenes in the movie didn’t make it to the final output.

The next year, Canice would be loaded with work when she agreed to appear in two projects, Black Death and Komt een vrouw bij de dokter that is produced by Dutch film producers.

Canice also had the chance to be one of the casts of HBO’s Game of Thrones in 2011. She entered the TV show as Melisandre. Her role would span up until 2019 when the series’ finale aired. With her on-point character portrayal, her work on the show got recognitions from many people, most of which are critics.

Canice tried out directing in 2019 while also starring on the project Instinct. Her direction alongside her acting has drawn a lot of attention, allowing her to win several awards from different award-giving institutions.

Carice Van Houten is starting to evolve, and with her exploration in the directing field, it is not impossible for her to become a better actress, as well. Not only that, but Canice also has a great hot body, that is capable of wearing a bikini without any consequences.

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Sexy and Hot Carice Van Houten Pictures