45 Sexy and Hot Boa Hancock Pictures

Boa Hancock is one of the favorite characters of One Piece fans. Who can blame them? In the One Piece Universe, Boa Hancock is the most beautiful woman. Her well-proportioned body is a sight for sore eyes. Her tall and slender physique, plus her free-flowing hair, makes every man who sees her as an object of their desire. Who is Boa Hancock, and how powerful is she?

Boa Hancock, or as her people call her Pirate Empress, is the leader of the Kuja Pirates. She is currently the empress of Amazon Lily, an entire island strictly filled with women. Men are forbidden to enter paradise. She reigns over the Amazon Lily and the Kuja Tribe with her sisters: Boa Marigold and Boa Sandersonia. She is also the sole female member of the Shichibukai (The Royal Seven Warriors of The Sea), which as an organization of the most powerful pirate captains in all of the pirate world.

Even if she manipulates men using her charms and beauty, it seems that those very powers of her are ineffective to the main protagonist of One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy. Incapable of making him fall in love with her, she ironically falls in love with him, and then eventually becoming his ally.

You will see later in this gallery why Boa Hancock got considered as the most beautiful woman in the anime universe of One Piece. Her appearance is astoundingly attractive, like a perfect woman. Her vital statistics are 43.7″-24.02″-35.83.”. Her boobs are perky and classic, while her ass is something worthy of sacrificial killings. She doesn’t need a bikini: her robes are enough to highlight her incredibly sexy physique.

Her out-of-this-world beauty is famous throughout the world of One Piece. The Risky Brothers claim that her beauty is second only to those of the mermaid’s. In contrast, other people like Hannyabal and Marguerite claim that indeed, she is the perfect epitome of elegance. 

She always has her pet snake around her. Salome, the giant snake weapon, is owned by Boa Hancock and is usually seen smiling despite the skull that the snake wears.

Boa Hancock may look hot, beautiful, and cute most of the time, but she can be as intimidating as the strongest men, with her angry bulging eyes and gritting teeth. You’ll encounter this once you’ve angered her, or if you demolish Luffy, as showcased in the Marineford scene where Smoker ruthlessly attacked Monkey D. Luffy.

Her eyes were initially as cold as stone. This kind of glare is perfect for someone who wants to rule an entire kingdom. But when Luffy arrived in the Amazon Lily (and eventually made her fall in love with him, unknowingly), the way she looked to change. Her eyes now give more emotions than they did before. As if she’s using the eyes of a girl who is in love.

Boa Hancock is undoubtedly the most beautiful woman in the One Piece anime. Nobody can argue against that.

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