40 Sexy and Hot Black Cat Pictures

Black Cat is a product of fiction by Marvel Comics. She appears to be an enemy to Spider-Man. However, at some point, Black Cat became an ally to Spider-Man (in comic book series The Amazing in Spider-Man). We have an amazing showcase of Sexy and Hot Black Cat Pictures. They are truly and incredibly sexy!

Black Cat is Felicia Hardy, born in New York. Her father is Walter, a famous burglar, but works as a traveling salesman as a decoy to his real character.  Black Cat often receives a reminder from her father to choose the best and not settle for second best. Her father ends up in prison one day.

In the episode, Spider-Man: The Evil That Men Do, Black Cat is studying at Empire State University as a freshman. Her boyfriend beats her, which prompted Black Cat to train in acrobatics and different fighting styles. She wants to avenge herself. Black Cat plans on killing his boyfriend for making her a victim. She hates the feeling of not being able to do something about it.

Black Cat trains for months. However, her ex-boyfriend dies in an accident for drunk driving. Black Cat isn’t able to exact revenge. Thus, she uses her skills to become a burglar, just like her father. Black cat devises a costume and decides to break into the prison to free her father. That night, she met Spider-Man.

Unfortunately, Black Cat’s father dies. She fakes her death. Their chance encounter forges a bond between Black Cat and Spider-Man. Black Cat tries her best to win the trust of Spider-Man, while Spider-Man, seeing the good in Hardy, does his best to convince the police to delete her criminal record.

Black Cat receives a conditional amnesty. However, Black Cat returns to stealing from the well-off people who deserve it, secretly. Spider-Man finds out about it, and that’s the start of their hatred. Eventually, Black Cat and Spider-Man become enemies.

Black Cat is a sexy woman with a hot bikini body, perfect ass, and boobs, comparable to real-life beauties. She’s tall (approximately 5’10”). Her hair is platinum-blond, and her eyes are blue. Black Cat’s costume is a black suit with accents of white and black goggles.

Black Cat has retractable claws. Her training in Martial Arts allows her to develop her agility and reflexes. Her specialized costume augments her ability. Black Cat can leap, climb, and crawl at incredibly high speeds. She can outmaneuver her enemies.

As to her personality, Black Cat is a flirtatious, playful, and cunning. She has a streak of self-righteousness. Black Cat also is good at lying and manipulating people for personal gain even if her actions affect people close to her.

Anyways, despite being a villain in most Spider-Man series, Black Cat is stunningly beautiful. Here are some photos of her beauty.

Sexy and Hot Black Cat Pictures

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