45 Sexy and Hot Beth Riesgraf Pictures

Beth Riesgraf was born to Elroy and Janet Ann Riesgraf on the 24th of August in 1978 as Beth Jean Riesgraf. She had been the youngest of 7 children.  Much like her dad, Beth has a fantastic personality and a playful, caring soul. As a child, the beauty regularly visited the movie theater together with her grandma during her developing years. These early visits have built a strong foundation for friendship and a love for the performing arts; as a kid, she was especially fond of photography and videography.

Beth Riesgraf acquired her academic training from Cimarron-Memorial High in Nevada.  The sexy siren proved herself talented by this point in her life; she got to be the president of the student government, prom queen in her senior year, a member of the photo club and won the ‘Most Admired Senior’ award. Riesgraf graduated with honors; then proceeded to move to Los Angeles, where she began her career as a model. The beautiful bombshell quickly discovered that her dream was to work as an actor. In 1999 she made her screen debut, and her career has only gone up ever since.  

Photography stirred her heart and mind during her early years, but soon she came to absolutely adore being in front of the camera; this fascination quickly took over. When Riesgraf relocated from Vegas to Los Angeles, she actively chose the profession of modeling, which led directly to many audition process where the vixen found work in advertisements.

Her inaugural involvement as an actress was for the hit-TV series ‘ Undressed ‘in. In 2000, she made her first silver-screen appearance through the movie ‘The Summer of My Deflowering.’ This was just the start for the hot blonde as more movies, including ‘Struck,” I Love Your Work,’  ‘Scorcher,’ ‘Nobody,’ and ‘A Standard Story’ came along. However, it was her portrayal in the popular cinema adaptation of ‘Alvin and The Chipmunks” that earned her critical acclaim and an established artist. Beth has also made her talent known on television in decades.

She has worked in a string of  TV programs, such as ” ‘Spin City,’  ‘Leverage,” My Name is Earl,’ ‘How I Met Your Mother,’The Stereo Sound Agency,  ‘Without a Trace,” Big Shots,’ ‘The Surgeon General,’ and ‘Criminal Minds.’ Riesgraf took up Parker’s role for the TNT television program ‘Leverage’ for four years. The show was universally revered and went on to win the hot star a couple of Best Supporting Actor nominations. She then got cast in a production called  ‘Perception’ and ‘The Mentalist’ in 2013. Her most recent screen outing was through a significant role in the ‘Complications’ series of 2015 and a recurrent role in ‘The Librarians.’

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Sexy and Hot Beth Riesgraf Pictures