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Coming from a family with two different cultures, Aya Rachel Cash was born into a family with two different religions. Cash’s father is Jewish while her mother comes from a Catholic family. Regardless, Cash describes herself as Jewish. The actress is a successful San Francisco School of the Arts alumna and an undergraduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Minnesota.

Before starting on television, Cash initially wanted to be a repertory stage actor but was left devastated after being turned down. Fortunately, her career took a turn for the better after staying in New York and working as a waitress while working on her stage plays.

The star of You’re the Worst hit series started as a humble background actress in various television shows. She sparsely appeared in television series, namely: Law and Order, The Newsroom, Modern Family, and We are Men. In 2011, Cash scored a regular role in a Fox-produced comedy series, Traffic Light. Unfortunately, the series only aired in 2011 with one season.

Her longest-running role is Gretchen Cutler from the American comedy-drama series, You’re the Worst. The series ran from 2014 to 2019 with five seasons. Cash portrayed the stubborn but hot female lead. Her tough grind in perfecting the portrayal of Gretchen Cutler received many critical acclaims, and her performance was known for the best television performance of 2015. In the same year, she was nominated for IGN Award for Best TV actress then again the following year.

As she ended her role as Gretchen, Cash joins the renewal of a superhero comic book-based television series, The Boys. Her character, Stormfront, was initially a male neo-nazi superhero. Although the debut episode of Cash is yet to be released, the revealed first-look photos from Entertainment Weekly has fans excited and gushing over the superhero fit. Long gone are the female superhero costumes that look like bikinis, Cash’s superhero rocks a skin-tight leotard highlighting her curvy ass and questionably pointy boobs.

In between her television series projects, the actress appeared on films like The Oranges, Begin Again, and landed a tiny part in the critically-acclaimed The Wolf of Wall Street. Cash branched out in the theater, too. In 2014 the sexy actress starred in Trudy and Max in Love. The play premiered worldwide. Among her off-Broadway projects included Anne Frank at the Denver Center and Hamlet in Roanoke, Virginia.

With her popularity and status, Aya recently became one of the celebrity ambassadors for the International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance (INARA), a humanitarian non-profit organization. The actress shared how she wanted to help in raising awareness and funding for the organization.

For now, the actress’s debut on her recent television series, The Boys may be on hold, but apart from that, Aya Cash seems to be a real-life superhero to her fans.

Sexy and Hot Aya Cash Pictures