45 Sexy and Hot Antje Traue Pictures

This sexy German actress is more well-known in her native country, but international viewers most probably have seen Antje Traue in a movie or two. Like most actresses, this talented woman found her love for the arts early on in her life.

Her mother was a dancer, and Antje Traue followed in her footsteps by training in artistic gymnastics. The brilliant star also went into stage plays, participating in her high school’s production of Jeanne d’Arc. She bagged the lead role for West End Opera, which involved touring Europe and the United States for four years.

Antje Traue starred in several short German films that roughly translate to The Night Before, Kleinruppin Forever, Golden Boy, Berlin by the Sea, and Phantom Pain. She speaks fluent English, Russian, and German, but her first international role is in the sci-fi horror Pandorum with American actors Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster.

The hot brunette is most famous for her part in the superhero film, Man of Steel. She portrayed the supervillain Faora, General Zod’s lieutenant. For her role as the mighty bred warrior, Antje Traue had to go through intense training and a nutrition program for four months. We have seen her toned figure on the movie, and there is no doubt this powerful woman can kick some major ass, even Superman himself.

It looks like the female character may have a comeback in future DCEU movies. Producers offered the role to Gal Gadot, but she declined due to her then-pregnancy. If Faora and Wonder Woman would have a faceoff, we are sure that battle will be epic.

Her appearance in this blockbuster flick paved the way for more international films like Seventh Son, Woman in Gold,           Despite the Falling Snow, and Criminal. These titles made her perform alongside Hollywood A-listers like Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, and Tommy Lee Jones.

Antje Traue has then focused on creating movies from her native country. On television, the only international titles credited to her name are Berlin Station, Close to the Enemy, and Oasis.

However, with the rise of streaming services, the German sci-fi thriller Dark became available to all Netflix subscribers. The series received favorable reviews, and the final season will air in 2020 or 2021. The beautiful brunette reprised her role as Agnes Nielsen in all episodes of the franchise.

She has nearly a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. With her chiseled face and bright blue eyes, this lovely female is a sight to behold. Add to that her perky boobs and fantastic figure, Antje Traue is one heck of a specimen. Feel free to browse our selection of bikini photos of this wonderful actress.

Sexy and Hot Antje Traue Pictures