40 Sexy and Hot Annabella Sciorra Pictures

Annabella Sciorra was born to a mom who worked in fashion and a dad who worked as a veterinarian in Brooklyn, New York. Her mother and father immigrated from the country of Italy. Anabella started studying dance at a young age and eventually took up lessons in theatrics at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Herbert Berghof Studio. She would spend her teen years at the South Shore High School located in Brooklyn.

Sciorra established a theatre organization known as the ‘Brass Ring Theatre Company’ in the year 1981, before starting her dream job of being an actress. She had only been 21 years old at the moment. Anabella started her career with television acting in 1988, with the role of Octavia in the televised miniseries ‘The Fortunate Pilgrim,’ built on the book written by Mario Puzo. Her silver screen debut in the comedy film ‘True Love’ was the character of ‘Donna.’ Her portrayal was so spectacular that she got nominated for the category of ‘Best Female Lead’ at the prestigious Independent Spirit Award.

The sexy starlet got cast as the alluring ‘Angie Tucci’ in the drama-filled romance flick ‘Jungle Fever’ in 1991, where she worked with the heartthrob Wesley Snipes. Her execution in this film garnered her excellent feedback. Sciorra got featured in the leading part of Claire Bartel in a thriller directed by Curtis Hanson titled ‘The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.’ The movie was a mainstream success, and her talent gained acclaim.

Among the number of other movies, Sciorra filmed during this period include the following shows, The Addiction, The Night We Never Met, and Romeo is Bleeding. By the year 2001, she would be nominated once more for her acting skills; this time, it would be for her interpretation of Gloria Trillo of the HBO show The Sopranos as presented by the Primetime Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series. 

She has appeared in several installments of the courthouse dramas like the Queens Supreme  and ‘Mental & Fox.’ The hit TV show ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent featured Annabella Sciorra in the supporting part of ‘Detective Carolyn Barek.’ She had also made an appearance on other television programs such as ‘Touched by An Angel,’ the popular hospital drama ‘The L Word,’ and the ‘ER.’ The hot star also got cast in the political show called ‘The Good Wife,’ as well as acting in the renowned forensic cop show  CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Sciorra went on to marry fellow actor Joe Petruzzi on 31 December 1989. But, in 1993, the pair split. She then moved on with the help of her then-boyfriend, Bobby Cannavale, in 2004.  The couple then had split three years after. Anabella does not have any children. 

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Sexy and Hot Annabella Sciorra Pictures