50 Sexy and Hot Anna Nicole Smith Pictures in her Bikini

Former Playmate Anna Nicole Smith may not be in this world anymore, but she surely made a mark on the industry that she left behind. Her death was a hot topic all over Hollywood, becoming more prominent after the passing of her son, Daniel, and the custody over her newborn daughter. Although Smith got pictured by people as a sexy lustrous actress and model, many believed that she had many inside struggles throughout her career. Many thought that behind the bikini body is a lonely woman in need of help.  To see more photos of Anna Nicole Smith, check out our compilation here.

Donald Hogan and Virgie Arthur welcomed their only daughter, Vickie Lynn Hogan, on November 28, 1967, in their lovely hometown in Texas. Although Anna was their only daughter, she had five other siblings in total from her mother’s previous partner and her father’s side. Anna got raised entirely by her mother and her aunt. But Anna’s awful childhood came to light when she got interviewed. She revealed that she got raped and physically abused by her family.

Before she became an actress, Anna first modeled as a Playboy Playmate. She became the Playmate of the month on the May 1992 issue of the magazine. Her shoot mostly revealed her sexy physique and her big boobs.

After her Playboy shoot, Anna signed with Guess jeans for their sultry ad campaign. During her contract with Guess jeans, Anna changed her stage name from Vickie Smith to Anna Nicole Smith. Then, in 1993, Smith modeled for H&M. This opportunity made her famous because her billboard ads got displayed in Europe.

After her success as a model, Smith embarked on her acting journey. She had her first film appearance in the film, The Hudsucker Proxy, in 1994. She later became the lead star in the movie Naked Gun 33 1⁄3: The Final Insult. Although Anna had several movie appearances, Hollywood still did not take her seriously because of her lustrous persona.

Anna wanted to be more successful as an actress rather than a model. That was why she worked hard to prove she is worthy of the limelight. So, she agreed to become that lead role of the movie, To the Limit in 1995. The film ended up with negative reviews, which resulted in a flop.

Eventually, Anna’s acting career did not do well compared to her career as a model.

Sexy and Hot Anna Nicole Smith Pictures