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This sexy Australian began her acting career at the wee age of 12 years old, and Angourie Rice has already amassed a net worth of 3 million dollars for her participation in box-office hits. The child actress has both parents in the showbiz industry. Her father, Jeremy, is a film director, and her mother, Kate, is a writer. We have her life story below, as well as a set of alluring, Sexy and Hot Angourie Rice Pictures.

Her unique name comes from New South Wales village, where her grandmother resided, and it means the tail feather of a sea eagle. It is quite a fitting name for a starlet who has already soared to great heights since her career started.

Angourie Rice lives in Melbourne and only flies to Los Angeles, California, for auditions. She has also lived for a short period in Perth and Munich, Germany.

Her debut film is the apocalyptic thriller, These Final Hours. Opposite actor Nathan Phillips, the flick, had a limited release in her native country, but it received positive reviews. Critics praised her stellar performance, in particular, even if the end-of-the-world premise is too familiar.

Angourie Rice’s next big movie is the neo-noir black comedy, The Nice Guys. Starring A-listers Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, the film went on to receive several nominations from award-giving bodies. Even when faced with such an intimidating cast, the hot starlet can hold her own.

The year 2017 was significant for the young actress as she starred in three well-received movies. The first one was the mystery drama, Jasper Jones. The second flick was the Southern Gothic film, The Beguiled, which the award-winning Sofia Coppola directed. With an ensemble cast that includes Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning, the movie grossed double its budget.

Her last film for that year was the most-awaited superhero film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. The show served as the first time the web-slinging character had a leading position in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Though she only portrays a minor task on the big screen, her role, Betty Brant, was a possible love interest for Peter Parker on the comics. Angourie Rice reprised her part on the hit sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Her next film is the adaptation of the young adult novel, Every Day. The story revolves around a soul who wakes up on a different body every day but unintentionally falls in love with a young girl. Like most of Angourie Rice’s works, the motion picture went well in the box office.

This stunning blonde has a great style on and off the red carpet. While waiting for her next project, browse through our collection of bikini photos that showcase this starlet’s amazing boobs and ass. 

Sexy and Hot Angourie Rice Pictures