50 Sexy and Hot Angie Everhart Pictures

Growing up, some people believed that beauty is mainly about our physical appearances. However, the truth is it has nothing to do with how we look. No matter what your complexion is, as long as you have a good heart, you are enough.

Nowadays, most women strive to change their bodies so people will appreciate them. Sexy bodies, hot ass, and seductive boobs became so vital to them. Also, you can find several girls in seductive bikini outfits dominating social media. But despite all of that, we should appreciate women in all sizes.

So, for today’s celebrity, we will show you one of our favorite gorgeous actresses. Several fans worldwide admire this woman due to her beautiful heart and dedication to work. We are talking about Angie Everhart. In this article, we included some of her stunning photos throughout the years. We can assure you that you will admire this woman, too. So, without any further delay, let us check some exciting facts about Everhart’s life.

Angela Kay Everhart, also known as Angie Everhart is an American model and actress who was born on September 7, 1969, in Akron, Ohio. She became known due to her appearances in blockbuster films, such as the Last Action Hero, Denial, Mad Dog Time, and Bigfoot.

Regarding her early life, Everhart’s mom is a homemaker, and her dad is an engineer. During her teenage years, the gorgeous actress became a cover model for famous lifestyle magazines, such as Elle and Glamour. Unfortunately, she had a horseback riding accident when she was 19 and undergone physical therapy for a few months.

Based on our research, Everhart appeared in several issues of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition since 1995. She also did a nude photoshoot for the Playboy magazine last February 2000. On top of that, we found out that the gorgeous actress was ranked #98 in FHM’s Sexiest Women of 2003.

Regarding her films, Everhart’s first movie appearance was with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a fantasy action-comedy film called the Last Action Hero. We also saw her in a horror-comedy movie called Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood.

When it comes to her personal life, Angie Everhart got married to Ashley Hamilton last 1996. However, they eventually got divorced in March 1997. The actress also became engaged to the popular actor Sylvester Stallone in 1995, but the couple decided to have separate ways. In 2009, she gave birth to her first child, namely Kayden Booby Everhart.

After a few years, news broke out that Everhart was struggling with cancer. Her representative confirmed the actress’s diagnostic but said that the prognosis is good. Everhart went to surgery last May 14, 2013. Due to expensive medical expenses, Everhart decided to file for bankruptcy.

Sexy and Hot Angie Everhart Pictures