49 Sexy and Hot Amy Smart Pictures

From the late 90s to the early 2000s, Amy Smart was a top actress in Hollywood portraying teen and young adult roles on TV and in movies. She made her mark for appearing “Varsity Blues,” “Starsky & Hutch,” “Crank,” “The Butterfly Effect,” and the hit TV shows “Felicity” and “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.”

Before Amy Smart became a hot movie star, she was a fashion model in Milan, Italy. The LA native understands the importance of keeping fit to maintain her attractiveness and prolong both her acting and modeling profession. 44-year-old Amy has maintained her bikini worthy body by being a health and fitness advocate while she continues her life as an actress alongside her other roles as a wife and a mother. She has been quite the busy bee.

  • Yoga teacher – Amy is a longtime Yoga practitioner who decided to get certified as a Kundalini Yoga instructor and is the primary reason she has retained her sexy, athletic physique.
  • Vegetarian – Amy is a vegetarian who believes in the benefits of eating organic food. She earned her certification as a nutrition coach and now also owns an organic vineyard, Bonobo Winery in Michigan with her husband TV personality Carter Oosterhouse.
  • Surrogate birth – Amy is a mother of her young daughter but was unable to carry her in her womb due to infertility. A surrogate carried and gave birth to her daughter. Surely, Amy would have wanted to do it herself, but it also saved her from having postpartum body issues that would affect her boobs, tummy, and ass.
  • Cardio Barre – Amy had been into ballet since youth. She continues practicing it via Cardio Barre – a hybrid cardio workout that uses ballet-inspired moves. It is a great cardiovascular workout that tones muscles, improves metabolism, and yet does not create bulk.
  • Stargirl – Amy needed to be fit and look good to continue her career as an actress. She shall appear in the much-awaited DC Universe TV Show “Stargirl,” which will premiere on May 2020 on the CW Network. Amy joins Luke Wilson in playing the parents of the teen superhero Stargirl played by Brec Bassinger (daughter of Hollywood greats Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.) Stargirl wields a cosmic staff that gives her superpowers such as flight and super strength to fight evil.

Amy Smart refuses to be among the actresses who slowly fade away. Many years after her peak in Hollywood, Amy will now lend her acting support to young actresses with the kinds of roles she used to play. With her talent and her brand of healthy living. Amy is a star who will continue to shine in the Hollywood sky.

Sexy and Hot Amy Smart Pictures