50 Sexy and Hot Amber Tamblyn Pictures

In this article, we will feature Amber Tamblyn’s achievements in life. We also included some of her most viral photos to appreciate her hot and sexy natural look. On top of that, you will see some bikini shots that feature her beautiful ass and boobs. But before proceeding to these images, let’s get to know Tamblyn first.

Amber Rose Tamblyn is an American writer, director, and actress born on the 14th of May 1983, in The Golden State, Santa Monica, California. She became known due to her appearances in popular television shows, including General Hospital, Joan of Arcadia, The Unusuals, and House. Besides that, the gorgeous actress appeared in blockbuster movies, such as Live nude Girls, The Ring, The Grudge 2, 127 Hours, and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

Regarding her early life, Amber Tamblyn grew up in California. Her dad, Russ Tamblyn, is a famous dancer, singer, and actor in the 1950s, while her mom, Bonnie Murray, is a professional teacher, singer, and artist. Tamblyn grew up in a family of performers, making her pursue a career in the same industry. Her granddad, Edward Tamblyn, is a famous vaudeville actor, while her uncle, Larry Tamblyn, is a keyboardist of a 1960s garage rock band called The Standells.

During her school days, Amber Tamblyn studied in Santa Monica Alternative School in Southern California. When she turned ten years old, she starred as Pippi Longstocking in her school’s theater play.

In 2005, the gorgeous actress started appearing on television. Her first role was Emily Bowen in a medical drama television series called General Hospital. This show was listed as the longest American soap opera in the Guinness World of Records. According to our research, Tamblyn appeared in this series from 1995 to 2001. After a year, we saw her in the pilot episode of UPN’s The Twilight Zone. This show is a revival of Rod Sterling’s original 1950s series.

In 2003, Amber Tamblyn got the opportunity to become a part of CBS’s fantasy family drama series called Joan of Arcadia. The beautiful actress played the role of Joan Girardi, a girl who sees and speaks with God. This show was aired on CBS and CTV from September 2003 to April 2005. 

In 2005, we saw Tamblyn in an apocalyptic comedy-drama series called Babylon Fields that aired on CBS network. Unfortunately, they decided to exclude it from the CBS fall programming lineup since it competes with Moonlight, the network’s other undead-themed drama.  After a few years, Amber Tamblyn starred an American comedy-drama series called The Unusuals, where she played the role of Casey Shraeger, an NYPD homicide detective. This show aired on ABC from April to June 2009.

Regarding her personal life, Amber Tamblyn married the American stand-up comedian David Cross last the 6th of Octoberthe 6th of October, 2012. After five years, the beautiful actress announced her pregnancy with their first daughter. 

Sexy and Hot Amber Tamblyn Pictures