40 Sexy and Hot Amanda Crew Pictures

Looking at Amanda Crew’s sexy body and angelic face, you know that you will never get your eyes off her. Amanda Crew is an award-winning actress from Canada who played several roles on the big screen. As you browse through her photos, get to know more about this actress. 

Amanda Crew was from Langley, British Columbia, born on the 5th of June 1986. Her mother’s name is Debbie, and her father’s name is Ian. Her mom works as a legal secretary while her dad as a telecom employee. 

Crew went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. 

Her first acting experience was when she became a part of the Dragon Tales musical when she was five years old. Because of her performance, a talent agency represented her, and she started doing commercials. 

Crew was 19 years old when she was hot enough to get her onscreen debut. She played the character of Polly Brewer in the Life as We Know It teen drama. Crew also appeared in one Smallville episode when she played the role of a sorority member. 

In 2004 she appeared in the series 15/Love playing the role of Tanis McTaggart. In 2006, she became a part of the CTV series Whistler as Carrie Miller. This series brought Crew her first award, which was the Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series. 

Seeing her in a bikini, you know that she is gorgeous enough to land roles in mainstream movies.

Her first movie appearance was when she played the character of Julie Christensen in Final Destination 3. In this movie, she was the little sister of Wendy Christensen, the protagonist. She originally auditioned for Erin but ended up as Julie. 

She also made her appearance in the movie John Tucker Must Die. 

In 2008, Crew had her first opportunity to take a lead role. She played the character of Felicia Alpine in the Sex Drive movie. It is about a teen who wanted to get a piece of ass of the girl he met online. To make it possible, he drove across the state with his friends, which include Crew’s character. 

In 2010, she played the role of Zac Efron’s leading lady in the movie Charlie St. Cloud. It became Crew’s breakthrough movie character despite its negative reviews. 

In 2014, Crew became part of the Silicon Valley series, where she landed the role of Monica Hall. Crew is going to play a role in the upcoming movie Target Number One in 2020. 

Aside from these films and TV series, Crew also appeared in Poor Boy, Freaks, Motive, among many others. 

Even though Crew does not reveal much information about herself, she is currently one of the wealthiest actresses in Canada. She has a net worth of around 1 to 5 million dollars. 

In 2010, she began her relationship with the actor Dustin Milligan. As of the moment, the couple keeps the status of their relationship between themselves. 

Even without seeing Crew’s boobs, she has the talent of an amazing actress.

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