48 Sexy and Hot Alycia Debnam Carey Pictures

The 26-year-old hot Australian actress Alycia Debnam-Carey is no stranger to danger. She is best known for appearing in films with doomsday situations which may have taught her skills to survive an actual catastrophe. Here are the highlights of her career, followed by a compilation of Sexy and Hot Alycia Debnam Carey Pictures.

Playing a small-town high school junior, Alicia faced multiple tornados in the disaster film “Into the Storm.” Including a firenado or a whirlwind with burning fuel in it. Yes, her character survives the disaster.

In the made for kids sci-fi TV series “Resistance,” Alycia plays Gen, a member of a small group of resistance fighters against alien invaders. Did she survive? No one did. Producers canceled the show before it was completed and was not. Not Alycia’s finest moment, but it paved the way for more sci-fi in her career.

In American Horror movie, “The Devil’s Hand,” Alycia plays Mary, an Amish girl targeted by a killer. Six girls are born on the same day, and a prophecy stated that one of them would be the Devil’s hand when she turns 18. Being Amish, you won’t see the hot Alycia in a bikini in the film, but you will see her swimming in a thin white camisole. Does she survive the killings? Yes, she does, and when she turned 18, she did become Satan’s minion and killed everyone else.

Alycia went up against Zombies in the AMC TV series “Fear the Walking Dead” as Alicia, a member of the main characters of the series, the Clark Family. Seasons later, Alicia is the only member of the family left standing. This badass role has earned her the love of thousands of fans and won her a few awards from the television community.

The TV show “The 100” is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi series about people living in Earth’s orbiting spaceships after a nuclear war. After descending back to the surface, they try to stay alive in a new earth environment, including tribes of surface people who survived the nuclear fallout. Alycia plays Lexa, a leader in one of those tribes whose members include primitive warrior women with full boobs and tight asses. Did her character survive?

Unfortunately, she didn’t because she gave her life to save the woman she loved. Yes, a woman. Lexa was considered one of the most compelling characters on the show, and her death sparked a furor from amongst the LGBTQ community.

In a desperate situation, Alycia may have retained the instincts of the characters she played in her career and increase both your chances of survival. But if the worst occurs and you find yourself fortunate enough to be alone in the world with this strong, sexy woman, hope that she won’t be playing a lesbian.

Sexy and Hot Alycia Debnam Carey Pictures

Sexy and Hot Alycia Debnam Carey Pictures
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