45 Sexy and Hot Allison Scagliotti Pictures

The sexy young actress has been in the entertainment industry for less than two decades, but Allison Scagliotti has already carved a name for herself in show business. Her Italian ancestors immigrated to the United States, and her family stayed in Louisiana ever since. We can’t wait to show you our compilation of the best Sexy and Hot Allison Scagliotti Pictures.

Like most actresses in Hollywood, Allison Scagliotti found her passion for acting at a young age. She already joined her school’s drama program at five years old. Eventually, the starlet moved to Los Angeles to chase her ambitions.

Allison Scagliotti appeared on several television shows before her recurring role in the sitcom, Drake & Josh. Some of those flicks include America’s Most Terrible Things, Once Around the Park, Joint Custody, Grounded for Life, and Back When We Were Grownups.

It would take a few more years before the hot brunette scores a leading role in the sci-fi series Warehouse 13. Allison Scagliotti became a regular starting the second season as she plays the brilliant Claudia Donovan, a network hacker who also modified artifacts found by field agents. With the show’s success, it spawned comics, novels, and games.

Her next big series was another sci-fi crime drama called Stitchers. She plays another brilliant student, Camille Engelson, who was able to operate the equipment needed by the lead character. Allison Scagliotti appeared in all three seasons.

Some other television credits to her name include Fresh Off The Boat, The Vampire Diaries, Mary + Jane, Henry Danger, Take One Thing Off, and Spellslingers. Apart from acting on TV, Allison Scagliotti also showed up in several films like Redemption Maddie; My Name Is Jerry, Losers Take All, and Chastity Bites.

If you want to see the gorgeous brunette wearing a bikini, you can catch a glimpse of Allison Scagliotti’s boobs and ass in the summer comedy film, Endless Bummer. She works mostly on television shows and short movies. We hope to see more of her on the big screen.

Apart from her impressive acting gigs, what most people do not know is that this talented actress also sings. The young celebrity took up a degree in film at New York University, although she has yet to complete it. Instead, she now takes up an online bachelor’s program with a major in Interdisciplinary Music Studies.

She had lead roles in two stage productions, Unhealthy and Jasper in Deadland. More recently, the artist released her first full-length album titled Absolute Horror. She sings under the moniker La Femme Pendu, which means the hanged woman.

This all-around woman seems to have done it all. She has even directed a music video for W. Baer. Feel free to browse through our carefully curated photos of this lovely woman.

Sexy and Hot Allison Scagliotti Pictures