40 Sexy and Hot Alison Doody Pictures

At 50 years old, Alison Doody is one of those Hollywood females who have aged gracefully. This sexy actress started as a model with her killer looks and statuesque figure. Even early on, one of her stipulations was to avoid baring her boobs or any form of nudity on camera. Fortunately, this condition did not affect the celebrity’s promising career.

Her film debut was the fourteenth installment in the James Bond franchise. Though Alison Doody only had a small part in A View to a Kill, people still consider her as the youngest Bond girl to date at 18 years old. The term is both an honor and burden, as not just any actress can fill the role opposite the iconic James Bond. All Bond girls are gorgeous, and Alison Doody is undeniably no exception.

Her most notable role to date was Dr. Elsa Schneider in the third installment of the Indiana Jones franchise. As the hot Austrian archaeologist, Alison Doody had both the looks and skills to pull off a femme fatale. Her character did so well kicking ass that IGN put her on their list of best bad girls in movies for that year.

Throughout this time, Alison Doody starred in films alongside well-known male leads like Mickey Rourke, Liam Neeson, and Pierce Brosnan. Other titles credited to her name include direct-to-television movies, The Secret Garden, Women in Tropical Places, Duel of Hearts, and Ring of the Musketeers.

The beautiful actress tied the knot with Irish business magnate, Gavin O’Reilly, in 1994. With her marriage, Alison Doody took a break from acting to focus on raising a family. They lived in a spacious and affluent home in Dalkey, with their property once considered the priciest house in Ireland.

Alison Doody does not regret quitting Hollywood to rear her children, but she struggled with depression due to the sudden lack of work. The stunning celebrity had a hard time letting go of her independence, and she wanted an outlet aside from being a mother.

After nine years of being out of the spotlight, the star had a small role in 2003’s The Actors, marking her comeback to the industry. Since then, she has starred in several films like King Solomon’s Mines; We Still Kill the Old Way, Division 19, and The Rising Hawk. On the small screen, she has worked as a host and presenter for awards shows.

The lovely blonde will make debut in the Bollywood industry in 2021 with the film Roudram Ranam Rudhiram. We are excited to see more of this ravishing Bond girl in future shows. Feel free to browse through our collection of bikini photos of Alison Doody.