50 Sexy and Hot Alisha Wainwright Pictures

American sexy actress Alisha Ena Wainwright started having acting roles after she appeared on the YouTube channel Smosh. She’s currently known for her starring role in Netflix’s Raising Dion. Below is a summary of her life and career as well as a set of the best Sexy and Hot Alisha Wainwright Pictures we have found. Enjoy!

Wainwright is raised in Florida by her Jamaican mother and a Haitian father. Little is detailed about her academic pursuit, as well as relatives. In 2012, she appeared in one of Smosh’s comedy sketches, which allowed her to be recognized by many.

But before she made an appearance in the famous YouTube channel, Wainwright has already experienced having an on-screen role through a short film titled Murder on Her Mind.

In 2013, Wainwright gained another opportunity to star in a short film called Second Rate Deal, where she played the role of Nikki. The next year, Wainwright performed as Sarah in the movie Just Before I Go.

She went on a short hiatus in film appearances and focused on TV series starting in 2014. Wainwright appeared in one episode of Criminal Minds as Debbie Martin, as well as in Married as Alissa. That same year, she appeared on a TV film Love is Relative as the character Aubrey and in Perception as Chantal Douglas.

In 2015 Wainwright appeared as a guest in many TV series, including Vanity, where she played as Shirley on its episode “Expression.” She also took the role of Darya in Switched at Birth and played as Ainsley Reed in one chapter of Major Crimes. Her last 2015 appearance was in Axle Tramp as Anna.

Wainwright returned to acting on films in 2016’s short film, Save Her. In 2017, she had two more film projects which are The Hatred and Candid.

In 2016, Wainwright scored several roles in the following TV series; Disney Star Darlings, General Hospital, and Rosewood.

She returned to act on TV in 2018 when she got an invitation to have an appearance in Lethal Weapon as Jess Bailey, which only lasted for one episode. In 2019, Wainwright’s recurring role as Maia Roberts in the series Shadowhunters concluded after a season.

As of the moment, the hot American actress has an active project, which is the leading role Nicole Reese of Netflix’s Raising Dion series.

Wainwright also ventured in video game voice acting when she lends her voice in NBA 2K17 for the in-game character Alanah Turner.

She also has a film that is currently in post-production called Palmer. Wainwright will be portraying the role of Maggie Hayes in this film, which premiere is soon to have an announcement.

As a rising star, Alisha Wainwright deserves admiration above anything else. More and more people also recognize Wainwright due to her acting skills and fit bikini body. We compiled the best ass and boobs photos of her to celebrate the actress’ success in the acting industry.

Sexy and Hot Alisha Wainwright Pictures

Sexy and Hot Alisha Wainwright Pictures
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